Monday, October 15, 2007

Cake Challenge- Marsh October so far.

I am sitting above the century mark. For full buy ins at .05-.10 I need to be at 200.00. I will continue to grind at the basement level until I get there.

I have been sticking to the 5% of bankroll limit like glue so far. I haven't really taken any shots yet, and I haven't played any higher than .02-.04 for cash games. I have played in a 3.30 cent multitable tourney which was probably stretching it a bit. I really want to play more 30 person 1.10 SNG's but they don't happen quite often enough and they do take a bit of time. I am really seeing how being meticulous about your bankroll can lead to good things. Its also good to come at the online poker world from the bottom up. It can feel like you are dropped in the fray if you just start out at .25-.50. I now can't really fathom buying in for 200.00 or whatever and playing in the .25-.50 or 1-2 like I used to. You simply cannot sustain any swings and to me it just seems inevitable that you will go broke.

I will keep the spreadsheet up to date and that will probably be the best way to track progress for those interested in seeing a legend's rise to greatness. I will do either weekly or monthly updates too with thoughts/comments/opinions about what is happening.

See you guys at the tables.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Fine work sir. Even though we are not all on the same currency system, I like how the Cake/Fake Cake Challenge has been an education to bankroll management. There are also scaling issues that come up that I'm going to make a post about which is less of a problem for True Cakers but is going to start being problematic for me in a while.

"A guy was throwing a party and I got burned by him once but then stacked him twice. The second of which was a misclick with mid pair that turned into 2 pair."
What? You *knew* that second pair was coming all the time!

Marshall said...

Hahah yes my intense frustration immediately turned to joy once the turn peeled off. Then I just shipped and got paid off.

Poker is easy.

Ryan said...

It doesn't count! It doesn't count! Stupid misclick that pays off...