Friday, October 19, 2007

Cake Challenge Update - Ryan

$68.47 current total

Some rough sessions with a few hands where I hate my play, but overall I think I played +EV poker with –EV results.



My only win (and only marginally interesting hand) was when I raised with 53s on the button having been tight the whole time, and followed up with a successful c-bet. Then the table disintegrated and I bailed.

$4 -- > $3.89

20 Hands

Next table…

Unfortunate. Unusually tight play from wxdoc. I don’t expect people to fear boats like that at micro. Heck, I would have called a raise.

Chased stupidly with T9. –EV poker at its finest!

(KK) I took a shot at the c-bet in the face of an ace, slowed down on the turn after the call, and in doing so let the flush get there. Bah. He could have got me to call a small river bet, but nice river check, dude.

77. I don't you like the set mine in the face of capping the action and given the stack sizes? It’s almost a third of my chips, but the price was tempting since I’m almost guaranteed to get paid by one of these three if I hit the set. I’ll do the math later…

$2 add on.

Man, just not hitting this session (AJs), but in this case, a good thing, then a bad thing. Would have chopped with the aces.

I hate my play in this hand on every street, especially the call of the massive all in. I wasn’t fully engaged, and raised thinking I was in late position. Slipped into “He’s probably a donk” syndrome with the all-in call and became one, despite my repeated warnings about all-in overbets online.

I like that it set me up for a nice fake-tilt the next hand though. Unlike a certain set of jacks I had in a similar live-game situation recently, three of a kind held up here. Offsuit spainR, what a chump. Oh, and this hand is why sites need an “auto refill” choice, where I can add-on between hands automatically. Even though the all-in short stack move worked here, I’d rather have played that hand at full strength, but couldn’t add on in time.

$3 add on to fight at full strength.

What the fuck… (76s and a nice laydown)

…is going on?! (QQ) Do you like the check-fold on the river?

Funny, the chat in the QQ hand is regarding the 76 hand. “Tough river” for both of us, I just had the sense to fold and not open/call with a random 6. I knew someone was calling with a Q or a flush draw, and by the river they both got there, so I was done.

Holy crap this has been a rough session. I have not tilted in the slightest, though. All my mistakes were just me being stubborn, not me being steamy. Time to be done; last orbit.

I don’t know how KK held up for me, here, but a small victory on the final lap is certainly appreciated.

$4 + $2 + $3 -- > $2.72

61 Hands


After the table whittled down to four players, I decided to bail. I was the SB, folded, and even wrote “$3.98” as my cashout below, figuring I was done. I look at my free hand and get KK, which gets all in preflop against JJ and holds up. I knew AA was a possibility, but I also knew he was calling my all in with a huge range that I was crushing. When you get reraised preflop at microstakes, you can basically assume your opponent has a hand they are willing to go all the way with.

$4 -- > $7.92

17 Hands

Thanks for the cheap draw! I thought someone might have the better flush, but when both checked to the aggressor, I felt I was good. Villain had KJo.

$4 -- > $5.14

8 Hands


TT. Marsh was watching and lamented that I got no action on the flop, but I am happy to take that down right there. There are simply no happy flops for TT against multiple loose opponents that don’t contain a ten.

Table curled up and died.

$4 - $4.37

29 Hands


A thin call, perhaps, but people do the check/all in thing with such a huge range at microstakes that I don’t totally hate the play. It could have easily been K-high or an underpair. I should probably be letting those go, though, especially unsuited.

$4 +$2 à $3.98

30 Hands


Funny hand. The 6s managed to get one player playing the board to call…

KK holds up against villain’s Qto.

Ah7h hammer hammer hammer.

AK, never felt I could bet it past preflop. Villains had A4o and 72o.

$4 à $6.08

50 Hands

Wow, a frustrating two-hand sequence against the same nemesis, where I misplay the river in the first and then get sucked out on in the next.

Finally a hand works out for me at this table.

AsKs that didn’t work out. The frustrating session almost had me calling the flop all in, but I wasn’t beating anything, and was likely up against a set. What else would he bet into me with after showing preflop super strength? No steam calls, Ryan.

$4 + $2 + $1 -> $2.08

?? Hands

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