Saturday, October 13, 2007

New online poker term: "The Crying Click"

I used this term in my latest FTP Fake Cake Challenge comment but I wanted to call it out in a separate post as well since I know some of you don't have that extra 4 hours of the day to read my updates. (I'm at 17.8 x my original stake right now btw.)

So here it is. You are in a hand. You have a dang good hand and you feel like someone rivered you. They throw out a value bet on the end and you feel beat. It's not even really overly orange belt to call since the amount is so small. You resign yourself to paying the Villain off so you make the crying click by pressing the call button.

Can't find this reference anywhere on the web so let it be known that the term "crying click" originated here on the TNP blog!


Marshall said...

I think I got it the first time.

Trixie said...

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