Friday, October 26, 2007

Options on getting comments via email.

I am not sure how that happened, but there is now a check-box below our comment box within a post that allows you to receive email notifications from that specific thread. Ryan has also generously set up his outlook to forward all comments emails to whomever wants them.

So, you now have two options:
1. Have Ryan put you on that list and you will get an email from every single comment posted on our fair blog.

2. Check the check-box and receive emails for every comment on that specific post. This is good because if you don't want to read about a certain post, you don't have to.

2 caveats on the second option: 1. It goes to the email you used to sign into blogger only. 2. You have to post a comment of some sort in the thread to enable it, as the comment box is a required field. This is a good thing probably, as all comments are welcome, even a "good read" or "you suck ass" type post. It would also encourage people to comment more which is good.

So there you have it. Two good options on getting your comment fix every day from TNP.


Marshall said...

you suck ass

Bob Loblaw said...

Here's more info about it.

Marshall said...

Sweet, that explains that.

On a side note, Ryan, when you get a chance can you take me off of the other method? I comment enough so that I can just tick that box when I want the emails. Thanks.

Bob Loblaw said...

Ryan, can you take me off the other method, too? I'll make sure I'm commenting on all the posts I care about. May ask you to put me back on the mail forward list later.