Monday, October 22, 2007

Cake Update: Marsh

Cake Results so far..

Things are back on track more or less. Basically I am still plugging away at .02-.04 NLHE. I have changed my game play a bit though. I basically pot bet any playable hand preflop, and cbet 90% of the time for the pot. I take down most pots this way, and then when I actually hit, people tend to just call me down anyway. I think the play is overall very passive at these levels, with very few raisers, but no shortage of action in the form of "call, call, I call."

I have noticed one annoying thing. Since there are only six 6-handed tables available, and they are very popular, it's hard to leave one even if you are up. I am supposed to get up once I have doubled up basically. But if I have no other table to go to, I won't. Also, when I lose a buy in(4.00), I just rebuy and stay at the table when I would prefer to start fresh at a new table. No big deal, but deserves a note.

I have also been partaking of an annoying trend. I will buy in, get involved in a big hand early where I either bluff or get beated, and have to rebuy. So if you look at my spreadsheet, you will see a lot of multi buy in sessions, which is annoying because I try to get back to being up again. But by the time I am back to even, I have 8.00 or so on the table, which is more than I should be risking at once. But at the same time, I can't really leave because there aren't other tables to go to usually. I just stay until I feel like my play is being affected by the size of my stack. Risking 2 buy ins on one hand is not what I want to be doing, but at the same time, having a bigger stack at these stakes is sweet. Like everything, pluses and minuses.


Sushi Cowboy said...

What, you can't just take a rack of chips off the table and put them in the vault?

I hear ya about the table situation though slightly different. I won't play if I can only open two tables. Three is kinda the low end for me and that's only if I can get on the waiting list for a 4th or if there is another table with a couple seats taken then I'll take a seat at the short table but not take any hands until it fills up some more.

Don't know what to say about going over bankroll. I'm on fixed limit so it doesn't matter how far over I am and it's purely convenience to have way more than I could lose in a hand so I don't need to reload if I run low. I guess it's unrealistic to think that a player can self-cap their bets in NL because you could be orphaning pots when you are ahead. The bright side of it is that you are building your table stakes to the point where the bankroll management rules tell you to stop. And don't forget Ryan's situation where he would have been better off by stopping the *hand* he hit the limit instead of taking his free hands before the blinds hit him.

Does Cake enforce minimum buy-ins when switching tables? Like in casinos where you need to buy in for the same you left with if you come back within an hour? If so then it wouldn't really change your situation of changing to a different table even if one were available.

I like the tweak you did on raising pre-flop. I came to the same conclusion and now will complete the bet instead of limping anytime I am entering a pot. My hand selection requirements are stringent enough that I am likely favored over most if not all the table and I want to start valuing from the get go. I am also very very unlikely to lose any customers since anyone paying 25 to go to 4th street will pay 100.

Marshall said...

I can go to another table and buy in for whatever I want. If you come back to the same exact table within 20 minutes they make you keep your table stack.

The problem is just that I don't want to sit on waiting lists when I could be getting hands in. The lists are never long, and its probably a reasonable thing to do, but when I have the time to play, I want to play.

I multi up to 3 tables, but usually just 2. In a slower limit game like 7CS hi/lo 4 tables might be possible, but in a NL 6-handed game, 3 is as many as I can do without it taking 100% of my attenttion.

When are you going to start?

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yeah, I don't even care what the action was/is on the Stud hi/lo tables. I just look at upcards and figure out how interested I am in the pot.

I'm ready to start anytime. Joe was not in a position to fund me but if you want to float me $50 I'll set up an account today. Or actually, I'm OK, with something less like maybe $25 and then we could both just use "virtual" bankrolls of the full amounts for the purposes of bankroll management. Not that I think it would matter in terms of what stakes we would be playing but just so we aren't in violation of minimum percentage guidelines.

Marshall said...

If I could add money to the site I would gladly hook you up, but I dont have an epassport or whatever it is that you need. I don't want to get into any virtual anything, as this is an exercise in real life. Let's say I had 25 virtual bucks on there, and I went on some tilt spree, but couldn't actually lose it. If that happened I wouldn't really learn as much as I could from the experience of busting my whole roll. I will see what I can do though, maybe someone from +1 has an account and I can just paypal them or something. I don't think too many people use cake though..

Joe? Make some damn money so you can hook marty up.

Austin said...

Congrats man, that's pretty awesome. How much do you normally play a night/week? I dropped off the radar a bit since I've been busy, but it's cool to see you're still trucking along. I'm excited to see how it goes once you hit the .05/.10 tables.

Marshall said...

I try to play a lot, but it doesn't happen. On weekends I get to play a bunch. I usually am just hanging with Rosa and I play while we relax.

During the week, I fit some in in the evening when I can. You can see from the spreadsheet how often I get to play. I try to play every day, but it doesn't always happen.

My current short term goal is to get to 200.00 so that I can play the .05-.10 games. I feel like that will be a significant increase in stakes but not a significant increase in skill level. Hopefully.

Keep us updated on your progress too Austin, I am always curious to see how you are doing.