Monday, October 15, 2007

Cake Challenge - Ryan - Oct. Update

Ryan's Cake Challenge Results



AK on the first hand doubles me up, but I lose a bit before the blinds come around so I keep playing.

I made an uncharacteristic move on this hand (66), and was reminded why such moves are rightfully uncharacteristic for me at microstakes. Just bet the probable best hands and occasionally c-bet, Ryan. Check/fold the rest. Between actually facing a good hand and actually facing a donk, the EV isn’t there for moves like that. Should have folded the flop.

Toiling away in the set mines finally pays off big. I really wanted BOOD22 to give back the money I donked in my move hand above, but I’ll settle for JKev07’s stack.

So let me lose most of that juicy profit on the very next hand. BAH! Well, I can get away from that hand at WNP or whatever, but at microstakes cake, it is –EV to fold worrying about being outkicked, here. With no preflop raises, only two hands are beating me here (three if you think 88 would not be raised, because AJ would be for sure). Way more often than not in this spot, the T will be the best kicker with no preflop raise. This hand is more evidence that the spainR is obviously superior to junkers like JTs and QJs.

$4 -- > $7.14

26 Hands

Frustrating to cash out for $7.14 when I had $10+ to leave with after the set of fives, but I flopped trips and got outkicked, what can you do?


Bet/raise if you hit, check/fold if you miss. (AK) Gotta keep playing like this. No moves allowed until following those rules no longer produces a profit.

Live by AK, die by AK. Still won’t fold it preflop.

“He called my flop raise? OK, I guess I have to hope for no diamond…” Crap. (AcTd)

Ouch, this one hurt. Could not put him on AK there.


$4 +$2 -- > $0

26 Hands


I don’t regret how strongly I played this one, just how it turned out.

$4 – $2.79

10 Hands


The superscoop!

The Jason defense hand: the nuts don’t always win (or to put it more accurately, Omaha hands aren’t always won by the nuts.) I felt that based on the betting, I wassn’t behind a boat, so I made the raise with the non-boat nuts and got the call.

$4 - $9.36

14 Hands


The hearts would have got there anyway (Jh8h).

$4 – $5.10

24 Hands


This is why I want to play more O8. Gambly and swingy, yes, but look what these people are gambling with! Some reasonable preflop discipline and the EV is excellent as long as at least one player is being ridiculous, as there is here.

An appropriate chase-and-miss drops me down, so I add on $4, but this is the end of my O8 budget for right now.

OK, bad move. But I have 30% equity in ROT, and based on how the table was playing above, I don’t hate it, I just hate that I had one of my own flush outs, and no low. How to handle AA single-suited with no low draw at O8 is a question for the 2+2 forums, I think.

$5 +$4 -- > $0

6 Hands


Felt like he was on the flush draw, so the river call surprised me. He caught just enough to look me up.

My KK gets AK all in after a K-high flop.

$4-- > $8.62

23 hands


This guy had moved in preflop last hand, and was clearly looking to gamble. It wasn’t an insta call, but I really felt I had the best hand based on how he was playing. The other caller was a surprise.

He misplayed it.

Protect! Protect! (AT)

$4 - $9.74

32 Hands


$4 – $4.08

9 Hands

3-Gold-Coin Freeroll Tournament

AA vs. 7d4d, flop is 974, turn is a 4. Bye now.


No post-worthy hands.

$4 - $3.88

27 hands


I dumped AJo to the flop raise, here, I just didn’t feel good.

Villain had AQ, I tried to rep a failed c-bet, but didn’t get the max out of the hand. Should have just bet the turn, shocker.

$4 -- > $4.69

45 Hands


Marshall said...

Great post as always. Do you have a system for getting the links and all the info in order? I find that after the session I can remember the big hands but forgot to link it and sometimes forget how many hands etc. I have played.

Nice work on climbing the ladder too man. O8B looks SO juicy, but I just don't feel like I need to take those swings yet with my roll. The NLHE game is so soft, you don't really need to take any other risks. But man just one or two of those monstrous 25.00+ buck pots would be pretty damn nice.

Ryan said...

My system is to open a word doc, and if possible, get the link of a key hand and write a blurb on it while a hand plays out that I'm not in.

If I don't have time for it, because I'm in the next hand, I at least click the "last hand" button and get a bunch of windows up that I can turn into links and comments later.

The "Ctrl-K" shortcut for inserting a link into text is vital for me, too.

Re: O8: I certainly don't need to take those swings, I just love the game. Again, I really wish they had Omaha in my range instead of just O8. O8 makes Omaha look like NLHE when it comes to bankroll swings.

And alway, O8 in moderation is the key for me.