Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calculating EV for tourneys

Well some of us are playing in Friday's tourney so this might be timely. I'm involved in a thread on a forum about whether to call or fold a hand. The question is this: cutoff (good tourney player) pushes his stack of 10k into the pot after it folds to him. Button and SB fold. Blinds are 1K/2K and it costs 8K more to call with T5os. I run numbers to back up my contention that it's a fold because you are not adequately priced in to call with junk. Then I thought further and wondered if the 10K stack were the short stack and it was a bubble scenario, does that change the decision any? T5 is not priced in to call any reasonable pushing hand but is there enough extra value in eliminating the short stack and guaranteeing a cash? And how would you go about calculating how much EV on the hand you can give up if cashing is a valid factor to consider?


Ryan said...

Funny you should mention this! I mentioned this site in my Cake blogging. I found it when looking for an odds calculator that ran O8 numbers with ranges, which Poker Stove didn't appear to do.

This is actually a great little site, it's web-based, not client based, and provides range-based odds stuff for Omaha, O8, Razz, and...TOURNAMENT ANALYSIS!

It's pretty cool, and should be exactly what you are looking for.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Funny that you should mention mentioning that site. I too ran across it when looking for how to type damn hands into PokerStove and used it in my hand analysis in the thread.

I agree it's good stuff and is my replacement for PokerStove because it has awesome shorthand like A* for any Ace. What could be easier? Plus Razz analysis? I'm IN!

Bob Loblaw said...

Nice! Thanks for the link.