Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Martin Said It Could Happen Hand

Got to love Martin. He is capable of some amazing calls, like the 9,2 against Ryan on the board with 3 hearts and he has bottom 2 pair with Ryan aggressively betting into it. Then there was the curious board of J,J,9,5 with a river queen where Martin was scared of nut low boat with J5 on the turn and did not bet and somehow Joe did not raise on the river with QJ claiming “well I was not going to get anything else out of Martin.”

Martin’s famous Omaha hand is another treat with 5 players on the turn and the current nuts are drawing dead.

So you got to love this hand, the Martin said it could happen hand. I am playing on line, Pot Limit Omaha microstakes with 5 and 10 cent blinds. I am dealt 8,9 of diamonds with 2 other playable cards I can’t remember and call from the button. 4 players I believe to the flop.

The flop comes out A,J,10 of diamonds. Not a bad flop, I have an open ended straight flush draw and I could be the only one that flopped the flush. There is no catching up on the flush in Omaha where you have just one diamond, the fourth diamond hits, and you are in. Since you have to play 2 cards from your hand, you either have the flush or don’t, seeing more cards is not going to make you hit the flush.

Everyone checks and I bet out, about ½ the pot. One caller, one of the blinds, everyone else folds. Villain either had the flush and likely a higher flush or is drawing with a set or 2 pair to a boat. Next card comes, a blank. I bet again about 2/3 of the pot. Another call. Looks bleak for me, maybe I can hit the dramatic suck out on the river.

River blanks, Villain makes a pot size bet $2.05. Now I know I should fold here but I can beat a bluffed missed boat opportunity. Plus, for $2.05, what a great way to learn the game. So I call. Thankfully, the 7 of diamonds did not hit on the river or I would have qualified for the worst beat ever. Villain had KQ of Diamonds, the flopped ultimate nuts, a Royal Flush, and I was drawing dead all along.

Martin told me it could happen.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Actually, my 92 was top and bottom pair on an all Diamond board. The other hand was JJ6 5 Q. And I did not have the nut low boat (that would be 55) but if Joe was betting I give him credit for a Jack. I could have flat called him but that would be ridiculously tight. I would not have called a re-raise, not that justifies Joe not putting one in with what was essentially the nuts.

As for your Omaha hand. Kx of Diamonds has you smoked as well. But if he had that he likely would have been protecting against boats if he were smart. His flat calls should be a big red flag. What could he possibly be calling with that you're beating? A Diamond flush with his highest card a Seven? At least it shows that you are listening when we tell you that Omaha is a game of the nuts. I guess that is at least *one time* that the nuts actually did win the hand, eh?

Another example was on the WSOP HORSE coverage. KKxx vs 66xx on a K66 K x board. After the second K fell on the turn the guy with Quad Sixes (and no redraw) was lamenting about having to pay the other guy off.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Oh and one other thing, if you actually DID pick up the 7d and lost with a Straight Flush, THEN you'd have a bad beat story.