Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Caught in a perfect storm

I don't want to talk about it.

OK, actually I guess I do. For those of you who didn't see it. Forget it, everyone here saw it. (A53 4 6 Jeh: 67 Martin: A2 sooted!!! Marsh 52) Pure radiant orange belt. I was sure that I was at best chopping and likely behind yet called off my stack anyway. I've been meaning to post about playing for a chop but haven't gotten around to it but I'll post that later. That Six on the river was a killer too since it meant that 62 was counterfeited.

I still contend that that has to be one of the toughest laydowns in poker. Unpaired, no flush, with a gap straight that you are filling. This one should have been easier to get away from since there were two hands (26 and 67) that was beating me and 67 is a reasonable holding unlike the 7T that I had on Mitch.

Like I was saying after packing up though, if someone said "hey, give me $120 bucks and I'll save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime of playing poker" would I do it? You bet! So the bright side of this is that it is a relatively cheap lesson, plus the fact that I perfect stormed Keith over at the Chea's place and Mitch over at Jason's (Marsh was witness to both of them btw) so overall I'm ahead in perfect storm hands.


Ryan said...

Jeh was the Human Perfect Storm last night. I mean, that was a sick, sick heater. He was utterly invincible.

Let's provide some more detail, because not everyone was there.

It's the last hand of the night, announced and planned. Jeh busted Jason and cracked me in half fifteen minutes earlier, before Marshall cleaned out the other half two hands later to effectively double his stack.

Martin had also got unstuck and had a very healthy stack.

The other remaining players had small stacks relative to M, M & J, and the itis was out.

I *believe* it was limped with almost everyone in...maybe it was a straddle and it was limped?

Anyway, the flop is A53r, and I think Marsh is first to act. He leads out for 23.

I'm standing behind Jeh, and I see him peek down at 76o, pause, and make the call. I'm chuckling, thinking he's donating $5 back to the table after his monster night, but also aware that if a 4 *does* peel off, he's probably going to stack someone with a deuce, so the implied odds are pretty huge.

Martin calls, then *maybe* Chuck or Royal calls, and Yuri on the button is baffled, claiming an ace and musing about how not everyone can have one, here.

Then, I could feel it coming. It was simply how the night was going for Jeh at that point. A four hits on the turn, also bringing the second diamond, and I stand stone-faced while my brain is screaming, "No fucking way! OMGWTFOMGWTF?! He just can't miss!"

Marshall leads out for 60, and I'm trying to think how I would play it if I were Jeh, especially with others left to act. Marsh might be on a 2, and if not, one of the remaining players might have a 2 and raise for him if he calls. The risk is the diamond draw, of course, but it may be worth it to brew the monster.

Well, Jeh raises to 140, which I also don't hate. If he takes it down right there, it's not a terrible thing.

But then Martin goes into the tank! OMG, Martin has a deuce! After much deliberation, he calls, and it goes back to Marshall, who frets, and calls. OMG, Marsh has a deuce! Forget brewing the perfect storm, it's already ravaging the mainland!

The river 6 is interesting for Jeh, because it counterfeits one of the hands beating the random 2, making them feel better, but also takes away his "nut" status. However, I don't think you can put anyone left in this hand on a 7 short of 72.

Marsh checks, Jeh drops a 500 strap in the middle, putting both Martin and Marsh all in.

Martin goes into the tank again, and finally calls. Marshall manages to get away, and Jeh takes down yet another monster, busts yet another player, and has the largest cash in T/WNP history.

You are a sick man, Jeh. Well done.

Ryan said...

"However, I don't think you can put anyone left in this hand on a 7 short of 72"


"However, I don't think you can put anyone left in this hand on a 78, at worst there's a 72."

Sushi Cowboy said...

Limped pot fo shizzle. I also know that either the 3 or the 5 was a club because I wanted the 2c to come on the turn to straighten me out and give me a flush and/or straight flush redraw.

As for the redraws to higher hands. I saw that stuff happen at the MGM in one of my all-nighter stare and wonder at the 2/5 game played on the 1/3 table. Talk about sick, someone would actually have the 78 in that hand! Unfreaking believable stuff. It was like watching Omaha but with only two cards. I feel like puking just thinking about it.