Monday, December 10, 2007

Cake update - Jason

I too like Marsh was brutalized over the weekend. Some mediocre play and some tough luck. Beating the .10/.20 NL Hold'm is tough for me but I am still having some success at Omaha and Omaha 8. I am currently at about $180 with about a $20 loss over the weekend. Here are some key hands in the life of an action junkie.

This hand I actually won. I had just pulled a big river bluff on this guy who was a bit of a nemesis for me. He was definitely a maniac betting machine so I was confident my 99's were good here.

The life of brutal rivers continues.

The nuts is not always the winner in Omaha 8. Given the lack of action on the flop, I figured my straight was good at the river.

A nice hand in Omaha to pick up against short stacks. I was hoping the AA would hold but it was the 5,7 that did the trick.

Standard 100 -1 shot hits in NL Hold'm and I lose.

Ace 8 in the villain's hand continued to be my nemesis. Other than re raising out of the BB with AQ, I think there was not much I could do.

I was in a rut so I figured I would try the unsuited SpainR. Finally a friendly river, thanks Ryan.

Haunted by the Jasonland type call. 1 Big Dick would call down any continuation bet. I can just think of the rationale. I have 2 live cards, a runner runner straight draw, and I want to see the turn. Small pot was the only victory.

Brutal flop. With the check call, followed by the check min raise I know I am likely dead but shove anyways.

Tough river in Omaha. I have pocket 10's and 2 random cards.

Another brutal river in Omaha. I made the strongest move I could with a lead out, followed by a raise followed by an all in. Luckily pocket 99's couldn't get away from his hand so I win a small side pot. This would have been a sweet pot to scoop.

Villain makes the perfect sized river bet to have me make the crying call. I have pocket 3's and 2 random cards. I knew the 3's were good at the time I made the pot sized turn raise, and I can't get the chasers to fold.

This was the most difficult decision I had to make all weekend. I have A,A,K,4 with the nut flush draw. The raise here basically makes myself and the villain pot committed so I either go all in or fold here. My read is a set but with all of the redraws, I may be close to even money. I did not have enough history at the time, but villain is a very aggressive player with huge chip swings. He could have had something as little as top 2 pair, which I am ahead of. Or possibly a wrap of some sort. The deep stacks also complicate things. He made it up to $70 later at this table, then proceeded to lose it all. Hindsight being 20/20 I think I should have shoved here.

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed, particularly on the last hand.


Marshall said...

Changed your URL's to links Jase..

Ryan said...

I would have gone to the felt on that last hand, you have the second nut low draw, the nut high draw, a gutshot to the wheel, and your aces may still be good. I don't know what Sammy would do, except not play PLO8. :)