Sunday, December 2, 2007

Entering the Cake Challenge

Hello all...I have entered the fray. See the exciting play by play action on my blog: I will also be updating the TNP blog with the highlights.

I have had two sessions so far. The first one was 20 hands long and I basically lost everything in an AA versus AdKd hand after Villain flopped four to the nut flush and I figure he thought he had an over or two as well. That put me in the hole from the get go and I'm starting off down 5%.

Second session was 100 hands long. Stacked AK with AA this time but lost chips on an odd hand. I raised with 99 and got one caller. Flop was 777 and Villain put out a feeler-ish looking bet. I min-raised (I know, I know). Got a flat call. Ace on the turn and a shove then I fold. Also had Ryan sit down at my table. Don't know if he noticed me.

I net out -37 cents from the second session and am now down to $47.29.


* What are your guys' ranges for hands to play?

* Do you steal blind from late position?

* Tell me what you would have done with the 777 flop.

* Am I being too nitty with my range of hands? (AA-88, AKs-ATs, AKo-AQo, KQs, KQo, QJs, JTs)

Thanks guys!


Marshall said...

Ryan and I were sweating you for almost the whole session.

My ideal range is something around what you described, but I play far more hands than that.

Stealing blinds is generally worthless IMO, but playing from position (even with ATC) has its benefits.

I would have for sure jammed on the 777 flop, meaning repopped for pot. I fold to the Ace too btw.

That is pretty nitty range, but its a personal decision of what you want to do as far as starting hands go. You won't lose too many hands hopefully, but at the same time, you can get A)too predictable B)just not really get anywhere.

At .02-.04 though, you are way more apt to get paid off by just having a big hand, so it should work out fine at that level at least.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Back up to $49.79. Called of my stack with an overpair to an overbet on the flop. Not sure if that was the right play. No book on the shover. Felt more like a draw than anything else but was pretty much floating on the flop there.

jsola said...

At $.10/$.20 my opening range is something like AA-22, AK-AJ, ATs, KQ, KJs, QJs, J8s, and every so often a suited connector or one-gapper from 56s to 89s. I stay away from opening with trouble hands like JT.

I steal blinds liberally when folded to me, and occasionally I'll raise from the button with anything after someone limps to me if I've seen them limp/fold in the past.

If I raise, I almost always throw out a CB for about 2/3 - 3/4 the pot.

For the micro-limits, I like your raising range. You might want to consider raising with small pocket pairs as well, but folding them quickly if they miss their trips. I also probably wouldn't CB as much if you don't think your opponents are going to fold (you learn pretty quickly who knows how to fold and who doesn't).

On the 777 flop, I would have raised him whatever his bet was + whatever my CB would usually be there. Folding to his aggression when the ace comes out is fine, he could be doing that with some random pocket pair that's worse than yours, but he could also be value-shoving an ace (or the 7). I'll let him have it that time and see how he plays so I can make a more informed move next time he shoves on me.

jsola said...

omfg I just saw you're playing full ring. Two suggestions, either move to 6 max, or multitable and NIT IT UP HARDCORE.

Full ring is so painful and so boring and oh god

Marshall said...

lol joe