Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's your run rate?

Hey guys, Ryan pinged me earlier and suggested that I keep track of hand count on my poker log which I actually was already doing since I based my log on Ryan and Marsh's template.

So my question is, what's your run rate? For those of you on the Cake Challenge now, how many small blinds do you earn each hand you play on average? And for those of you who have moved to different stakes, has the ratio changed substantially? I'd guess that NLHE and O8 have different run rates?

It is still early for me now and I don't think I have enough data for this to be relevant but right now I'm at about 1.54 SB's/hand.


Marshall said...

The standard for that kind of thing is how many BB you win per 100 hands.

I don't know what mine is, but you probably want a starting point of 5000 or so hands before you even start to look at that.

Will said...

OK, then BB/100. Divide by two and move the decimal point. Did some checking around and it looks like you want to be around 1 or 2 BB/100 hands. You can expect more at lower limits and less at higher limits due to respective fish populations.

This is actually in line with the benchmark of 1 big bet/hour that I've heard for brick and mortar players so I guess that makes sense. Yes, you get more hands in an hour online and the hands/hour compensates for the idea of multi-tabling.

Also, I figured mine wrong (grrr...EditGrid...need to figure out better solution) because I included my tournament earnings so my revised number now in BB/100 format is 27.4. I'm clearly over-achieving at an unsustainable rate long term but it is good to have a metric which allows me to check the temperature on performance once the variance settles down.

Ran across Poker Tracker software which does all the math for you and tracks other stats but doesn't work with HH's from Cake. Why can't the world standardize? I want to download the software anyway and try it. If it doesn't work then a Cake HH > FTP HH format converter will be one more software project to work on...sigh.

Ryan said...

With help from a Excel-savvy friend, I figured out how to get the graph I wanted of bankroll vs. hands played, which is now at the top of my DNR blog.

I'm running about 75BB per 100 hands: up about $150 after about 5K hands for $.03 a hand, or $3 per 100 hands, or 75BB/100.

Said friend also helped me combine Marsh's spreadsheet and mine into one chart, which is interesting. I'll post that result on DNR in a bit, but it is a bit flawed since Marsh's hand count for his first three weeks of play is "0" and there are many zeros throughout the early stages of his "hands played" column.

Marsh, if you can estimate the number of hands you played in that first month, and plug in an average hands-per-session figure for the missing ones, we could get a better picture.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Interesting. Could we get Royal's, Will's, Joe's, and Austin's charts up there too for comparison?

Ryan said...

If players haven't been tracking their hands played, the data won't compare, but I can easily add anyone to the graph who has logged their hands played along with their cash swings.

Bob Loblaw said...
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Bob Loblaw said...

As I said during my 17-hour stint, I couldn’t get stupid FTP’s stupid HH function to fucking work.

Besides, we all know that my stupid BB/100 hands is 0. 0/100 is 0.


But think about this: when I was in the Little League World Series I had a batting average of .362.