Monday, December 24, 2007

Gold Chips on Cake

Hey Cakers. I'm at a gold coin and a half right now for the month. Has anyone ever done anything with them? Are they worth going after if you are close to getting another one around the end of the month? Has anyone ever redeemed them? That George Foreman grill sure looks might tempting. Or that big screen if I just play enough to collect 11,999 more. Are they transferrable? And does anyone have a fix on how it is calculated? I assume it is all related to stakes you play at but is it by hands seen? Time? Rake paid? Total amount of money churned through the system?

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Marshall said...

They are based on player points, I have no idea what exactly those are based on though. I have somwhere around 50 I think, they come very fast once you start putting more money on the table.

I was actually going to make a post regarding these, as I noticed a tournament on January 5th that is a 50 chip entry fee and has a 10,000 guarantee or something like that. Otherwise they are pretty useless I think. You can trade them in for various crap, but its pretty prohibitive because of the crazy amounts you need to get anything reasonable.

One funny thing is that you can use some of them to buy into SNG tourneys where you can win... thats right, more gold chips.