Monday, December 31, 2007

Off to Vegas - Jason Update

Marsh, myself, MB and Martin will be in Vegas next week, so no Cake for us. Since my last post, I have been basically treading water except for another heater on Sunday. I continue to move up, but no dramatic change.

Some general observations. As you move up in stakes, in my opinion, the players are not better overall at the .25/,50 stakes vs. the .10/.20 stakes. Of course, you will occassionally run into tables with all good players but there are still plenty of opportunities to find calling stations and donks. Even when you hit the .50/$1 tables, at least in Omaha, there are donks, just much fewer of them. My message is fear not, if you can beat the low stakes, the higher stakes are beatable too.

Here are my hand highlights:

Omaha Bluff by me

I am up here against a novice player who keeps typing in the chat, I can't beat you guys. I do have KQxx, no spades, but I do not believe it is good. His betting patterns look like he is protecting his hand against the spade draw. When the spade hits, I take a shot at bluffing the flush. He took all of his time then folded.

Boat over Boat

I check raise on the flop as I am expecting a Cbet from the original raiser. When I get a call from another player, I am hoping to boat up as I figure villain has at least a K or pocket 6's. I boat up on the river, but I have a smaller boat.

Best draw I could hope for

I am playing suited connectors from the button and flop a monster, the open ended straight flush draw with a pair. I can laugh at his meager overpair as I know I am ahead. Lucky river hits for me.

Shocking Jack High Omaha Win

An amazingly donkish call from my opponent. My river bet is designed to have whatever his high hand is fold so I don't have to share the pot as I have the nut low. He has the second nut low with holding of 2,4,7,9, a truly awful Omaha high low hand that he should not be playing anyways. I am the beneficiary of his second nut low and my jack high holds up for the high hand.

Very cool bluff by villain

I had the nut straight on the turn and I make a scared blocking bet on the river. My astute opponent with the busted flush draw, raises me with his big stack. I don't think a call here is long run EV+ and I fold. Villain gets a note that he is very capable of making big river bluffs. I like playing against these kind of players as they make the game quite challenging. Hats off to him for stealing this pot.

Flopped nut boat does not hold up

One of the few times I will slow play in Omaha is if I flop the nut boat. Here I bet the turn and the river, but villain catches up with the AQ bigger boat.

2 pair slow play by villain\

Here is what I mean that the play does not get much better at .25/.50. My opponent had A,5os for 2 pair on the turn. Sure he could have been scared of the flush but at least a probe bet would be appropriate. I trip up with the lucky river and value bet with a call.

Calling station in action

This is one of the lamest ways to play Jacks. He was a total calling station so I even thought I was ahead with my Ace high flop bet. Lucky for me I caught up and sure enough he pays me off on the river bet. See what I mean, competition is not tough here at these levels on cake if you can find the right table.

Calling station number 2 in action\

We go from donk 1 to bigger donk 2. This lame guy calls me down on the river with A,4 os. I am glad he pays me off.

Calling station in Omaha

Calling stations are out there in Omaha too. This donk calls me down with his straight he hit on the river.

Capping a great run with quads

An aggressive player was just spewing chips and the table drained him of about $170.00. I was a big beneficiary. Here is a new player with an unknown hand. Typically I am much more aggressive but I was just too excited to get quads.

More quads

Quads are not that unusual. Another lame guy chasing a straight that hits.

Biggest Pot Win to Date

I am glad this guy makes a move on me with bottom 2 pair and a 9 high flush draw. With top set, I am not going anywhere. I am lucky to avoid spades on the turn and the river.


jsola said...

A new post, hooray!

1. I don't like your bluff here unless you've got a good read on this guy. I really need to know that someone can fold to a bet like that on the river, and in my experience, a lot of people cannot. You definitely repped your hand well here, looks like you're chasing all the way to the river, and that river bet is hard to call with a hand that was excited about the flop. I can see you folding out a worse two pair, I personally probably wouldn't fold a better hand to you here. If this guy is nitty though, that's a great spot to blow him off a low set.

2. You've gotta be pretty concerned about his cold call of your check raise on that ultra dry flop unless your image is pure maniac here. Even then, you can be pretty sure he's got at least a K, maybe even a flopped 6s full of Ks. I'd be ready to dump this on the turn because you only have 2-5 outs if he has a king and 5 if he's got 66. That said, I like your river bet because you'll get money from a lone K that he wouldn't bet himself, and he's gonna bet and you're gonna call anyway if you check.

3. Well played! If this guy isn't a total nit this is a prime spot to try reraising pre to widen your 3bet range and get him to fold a couple weaker big cards. Remember to put a note on this guy as being unable to fold an overpair on the flop, next time you flop a set against him it's gonna be an easy ride to value town.

4. Hahahah oh my god, you value bet J high in OMAHA and GOT CALLED. You're my hero.

5. Man that sucks. Without a read here, it's hard to call that river, and I can't make myself NOT value bet that river. Your little bet will induce a bluff from good players a lot of the time though, it's just impossible to peg anyone playing omaha on cake as a good player.

6. NH, sorry about the cooler :/

7. NH!

8. Great bet sizing on all streets. People play weird from the blinds, I know I tend to get overly aggressive, looks like this guy gets overly passive. He could have valued you on any street there and probably gotten a call.

9-12. Wow, these people are dumb

13. Hahah, love the chat:
kittykat: crazy action table

Excellent hands, Jason.

mb said...


Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I basically agree with about everything you said so unfortunately no great debates here. On hand 1, the chat indicated he was weak tight. He kept saying I can't beat you guys so I thought he would fold the better hand.

On hand 2 I was pretty hesitant on my turn call. A call or a fold were both acceptable.

On hand 4, I would love to be a hero but it was O8 so I was just betting my nut low and hoping a weak high would fold. I went into shock when I won the high.

You are right about the dumb players coming out on Sunday. The last hands were all Sunday hands.

Off to Vegas now. Wish Marsh, Martin and MB luck.

Ryan said...

Quick comments on a few...

Omaha Bluff by me

I think you may have been bluffing with the best hand. Top two looks good to me there, I think he just had a pair of queens.

Boat over Boat

I think I check-call the river with the underboat, there. Still might have cost the same...

Best draw...

Played itself out...either he would fold to your flop raise if was cbetting, or he'd go to the felt with an overpair.

Flopped nut boat does not hold up

When your nut boat is that vulnerable, I don't like the flop check. Any ace likely has 9 outs to beat you. That's the same as a flush draw in hold'em. For the same reason you protect against flush draws in hold'em, you should protect against better boat draws in O8, especially when it's aces full, and everyone plays their aces in O8. Make them pay to draw!

2 pair slow play by villain

Did he slowplay, or was he genuinely afraid of the flushes, straights, etc. that were beating him? Hard to say with just a hand history, but I'd be looking at this guy's future hands to try and determine what his angle was on that hand.