Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random hands

I've got AKo here. I've been playing nitty, and haven't seen this guy enter a pot yet. I've started folding in spots like this more often but man I still don't know.

AKo pf vs bad shorty. Gambooooooooooool!!!

AKo pf vs habitual limper. Boring, but it continues the trend of AK hands.

Flopped set on a monotone board. I'm about 80% sure he's got the flush on the flop and 95% sure he's got it by the turn. I need to run the numbers on this to see if my call is right there.

A6o. Raised by a passive player on river. He paused and checked on the turn so I had a vibe he made a good hand, and I was PRETTY sure he had me beat when he raised me that big, but can I fold a good two pair there?


mb said...

Tough decision on the AK first hand. Who am I to say that a call is correct since I was not in the hand and there is no history on this player. Let's look at what is beating you. 88,33, or K-8. It is possible that someone bets out on a set here and I know most WNP players would. We are talking about an unknown player though. Most players will slow play a set here. Sure there is a flush draw but there are not straight draws, the board is just not that scary. K-8 and K-3 suited are possibilities but unlikely.

I think the more likely hands are a flush draw or possibly a hand like KQ. Once you check raise, a call is a tough play for this player. You will immediately put him on a flush draw if he calls and will not pay him. So an Ace High flush draw or even a queen high flush draw is a likely candidate.

We will never know but at least you did not go broke with one pair.

jason said...

Joe that last comment was mine.

jsola said...

Yeah, that hand, I don't know. A call seems EV neutral to me at BEST, and I can't really back that up with anything other than the gut feeling I had at the time. That was the first hand I saw that guy play since I sat down many orbits prior, and there was no reason for him to think I would get out of line with a weaker hand.

Really it comes down to me finally listening to the voice in my head that's yelling "FOLD YOU IDIOT HE'S GOT IT." I usually end up calling and proving that voice right.

Will said...

First AK I'm guessing you are chopping but putting your stack in just to get it back (minus Cake tax) is not good play. Just let it go.

Set of Snowmans? Neither of you are going anywhere are you? He has a flopped flush with an OESFD redraw. Only thing I don't like is how you played it so passive. If you are willing to put all your chips into that hand why not push on him instead of calling off your chips? In this case he has the OESFD redraw so he won't fold but if he had 4s5s he might fear a higher flush and get out so you don't need to boat up.

Nice read on the straight hand. But if you really read strength, how about a check/call instead?

I have REALLY gotten to the point that I am ready to much just about any non-nut hand in an unraised pot. Latest adventure was getting K4 for "free" in the BB and flopping trips. Normally I would just drag my feet and try to see a cheap showdown but I know my kicker is very good so I press the action. Bad guy stacks me when his flat tire boats up on the river after we got it in on the turn. Don't go broke in an unraised pot as the saying goes.

Marshall said...

First hand, such a tough spot. I am willing to go broke against a random player here, but I don't blame you for thinking better of it.

2nd hand is easy ship.

3rd hand, you are right, boring ahha.
4th hand is tough. He played it so strongly, which was really good of him. I think you should probably be shipping the turn there. The thing is, he might have re-popped you with a pair and flush draw, or even something weird like 2 pair on the flop. If he has the nake As or something like that, you can't let him see the river for free, because if he misses he's not paying you off. This only applies if you are calling there for sure of course.

last hand: pretty standard here. Pay off his junk. I mean its a very small pot and you have a strong hand even unraised. Also Martin, I don't think Joe had this read until he was raised as it was checked by everyone until that point..