Monday, December 10, 2007

Some hands from the weekend.

I haven't had time to update the spreadsheet after a full weekend of Cake action, but it suffice it to say that it sucked ass. I am now at ~560.00 though and that feels good, as I was just brutalized all weekend. I wanted to get a few of the interesting hands up here though for review. In case you guys haven't seen it, I have also started a mini blog just for the Cake Challenge stuff. If I feel like its entertaining or I need help with hands, I will post it here, but if it's just a mini update on my progress, I will keep that over at That's Not Cake from now on. Regular updates will still be on there though.

(44) I don't remember the details on why I thought this guy would fold, but I knew this board was super super scary. Risky business.

This was pretty sick. I call his raise preflop hoping he has a big hand and that I could bust him. He leads at the flop and I try to take the pot from him. He flat calls and I am done with the hand until... Now he checks again but I have him on AK or something similar after calling my RR on the flop. So I jam the turn, he ships (as expected) and I snap call with 1 out.

Got Martin'd on this one. Ryan, I feel your pain lol.

This hand was a bit of a heartbreaker. I don't think I like this guys call on the turn, but it is expected I guess. I am glad though that I brought out the hammer at every opportunity, putting as much pressure on him as possible.

Sometimes you are just one marginal call away from the jackpot.

This one sucked, I had AA.. he only had .70 left by the river, so the turn is the key point.

This one doesn't look as sick on HH as it did in the moment. But getting it all in with dead money in there too against A9 was great. Flopping a set was really great. WTF on the turn sucked ass.

I am fine with how I played this I think. I limp called OTB with 55. Very safe flop for my set, and I have multiple customers and a very aggressive original raiser. Turn completes the badugi, and I feel every so safe still. Nice bet by the OR and the meat in the sandwich comes along again. If they had bigger stacks, I would have put in some type of raise here, but any bet on the river was all in for the OR and a minraise from me put the meat all in. As expected, the OR puts in a bet that leaves him with $1.10 or something behind, and the meat flat calls. I spring my trap and um ya..

Stupid god damned short stack luckboxes lol

This donk was throwing a mini party, and I made what was probably a marginal call against him. The turn was so gross, but the river made me happy.

I call the minbet from the BB just hoping to stack this shorty. I don't really like to call the short stacks with 22-55 like this, there just isn't enough upside, but in the BB I am a sucker to set mine...

And now I would like to tell two mini stories. One of me getting owned, and one of me owning.

Getting owned by short stack fucking super dipshit.

This guy had been shipping his stack with almost ATC, but a lot of time he do it on the flop. I picked this spot to get it in against him. Friggin lame, but it happens.

Then, a mere 6 hands later, we bump heads again. Are you serious?

Then on a different table, after that little bastard left after doubling through me twice with trash, this happens. C'mon!

Then, in a fit of irony, I get my money in bad against him and suckout to send him home. HA!

Now me owning this poor guy. Here is the situation I described at WNP, in all its gory detail.

Our tale starts out sanely enough. This player was pretty erratic, and wasn't afraid to bluff as he proves here. I just couldn't put him on a 5 here for some reason, and thus our relationship begins..

2 hands later, I win this pot from him with J10. I flop top pair, but check to him hoping he will bet for me since I had just stacked him and he seemed ripe for a big mistake. Turn sucks, so I check again. He bets 4.00 but I just can't bring myself to fold. River pairs the 9, which is a really good card for me, but I doubt he is folding a K in any case. I ship on him and he validates my thoughts of weakness by folding.

This hand is one hand later, and he is obviously pretty steamed at this point. I call his raise with Ac9c, putting him on ATC tilt. Flop comes the nuts for me (TWSS). Normally I would just lead right now and bet this, but I just know that this guy will bet this for at least 2 barrels with probable air, and I don't want to scare him away on a pretty scary flop. I also want to give him the chance to catch a club in which case I am pretty sure he is going broke. I check-call the flop, check min-raise the turn, and he just ships. Bummer dude.

FF ~20 hands. This is where the ownership is completed and he leaves. So sick. I raise it preflop with KK, and he flat calls with KJ, we both smooth play the flop, and then he takes a stabby type bet on the turn. I am really hoping that he has a flush here, and that he will lead big on the river. He didn't have a flush, but open ships the river. Awesome.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Whoa, whoa, Martin'd? I had two pair on the turn and had Ryan jamming the pot when he was behind. Granted Ryan was ahead on the flop but since he bets any flop I have no reason in particular to assume he has a Jack. I actually felt that I was already ahead on the flop with my 6.

Love the sequence with DaIrish. Tasty.

Marshall said...

I just meant that he turned 2 pair when he made a bad call on the flop and then made A6 2 pair.

Yes daIrish was very unlucky and tilty at the same time against me. I just got flops in my face and he had 2nd best each time.

Oh and Marty I used your URL converter thing for the hands with him, worked perfectly. Very nice.