Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ring game/tournament similarities

Just got done with a tourney and it dawned on me that the micro-stakes cash games bear a striking resemblence to medium stage tournament play. There are lots of coin flip shove/call situations. Big pair shoving is a tactic you see. Lot of big pots get the money in on the flop. And such. Even though some people buy in for the full $4.00 or 100 BB, the play still seems to be very "all or nothing." Players for some reason seem to be compelled to shove or call of their chips with KQos as if they are going to be blinded off soon. Without a doubt the micro-stakes play a part in the equation since it's "just a couple bucks" so I think it is easy for people to let that amount of money go. And when someone is throwing a party, look out. Definitely a different game than the Week Night Poker game. No gradual pot building. Little folding. Outrageous moves with air. Donkerrific play. A style world's apart from our game but not completely foreign thanks to previous tournament experience.

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