Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Vegas baby

Hey WNP Warlords,
It's mb here. I can't post as myself so I'm using Jason's... hope this isn't a breach of security or etiquette.

I'm looking for recommendations for tournaments/cash tables in Vegas. We're going on Jan. 1st and I would love to hear from you experienced Vegas-ites what was fun, what was profitable and any tips for favorites that you may have.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
mb aka "embeeseattle"


Sushi Cowboy said...

I spoke with Jason about this already. But basically you get what you pay for. A low buy in tourney will generally have very aggressive blinds and short stacks. Expensive tourneys will have bigger stacks and slower blinds.

Do not expect to get stacks anywhere near as deep as you have been getting in our tourneys.

I think the best compromise are the Paris/Bally's morning tournaments. I think it was Bally's at 10a and Paris at 1p? Or something like that. If they are still running those I think they had reasonable blinds and were only like $40 or so to play. Not bad.

They do have tourneys that bill themselves as deep stack but you're going to be paying in the hundreds to get into those.

Then there are sit and gos which happen throughout the day. Last I checked MGM does them as does the Mirage. The Mirage ones you could choose your buy in level. Again, higher the buy-in, more chips. There are also SnG specialists to watch out for who feast on tourists and are way EV+ in those games. If you play them you're going to have to B-E aggressive and treat it like the middle/late stages of a regular tournament because the blinds typically double and you'll be short stacked before you know it.

Good luck in LV!

Marshall said...

Rosa and I will be in Vegas after the new year too. Maybe I should look out for 2 fishy WA tourists at the tables? How do you spot those?

mb said...

We'll be easy to find b/c we glow in the dark due to lack of sunlight :-)