Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A public apology to Matt

For those of you who were there last night you saw part of what happened with Matt and my perplexed reaction to the texting going back and forth. I thought that I just got an text from Matt asking if poker was at the normal place. To which I responded that it was then I got more texts saying that he got tired of waiting and then he took off. I was totally confused at the situation.

After I got back home, I emailed Matt to apologize for the mixup and I checked my cell phone and to my utter horror, there it was a phone call from Matt. An ANSWERED phone call! As Matt later verified I actually did answer the phone and said that I would send someone down to let him in. Somehow I totally spaced out that I even answered the phone much less telling someone to go down to get him.

So Matt, my most humble apologies for screwing that up so completely.


Ryan said...


That sucks, but Matt, wasn't it worth one more call to ask if you'd been forgotten?

Oh well, I'm sure we would have busted you multiple times over anyway, surely this saved you some money.

Sushi Cowboy said...

He texted me after the phone call. So when he messaged me asking if it was at the normal place, that was the prompt for me to get someone's ass down there to open the door for him, not a question about where he should drive to so he did in fact follow up on the original phone call.

He did say that he cleaned up at Go.

Ryan said...

Right, I get that; one more call, though, not one more text.

Personally, I wouldn't walk away from the door of a poker game I knew was taking place without saying "Hey!" into the gatekeeper's ear once more there.

But Matt had a fallback plan, I'm sure he enjoyed a night of go instead.