Saturday, December 22, 2007

On a sick heater - Jason Update

It is somewhat ironic that when I started this challenge, I built up a good size bankroll on NL Hold'm, then donked it almost all off on Omaha. The last 2 weeks my latest run has been almost exclusively on Omaha 8, some on Omaha High, and the least on Hold'm. My current strategy is to multitable with one Omaha 8 game or one Omaha High game and then a lower stakes NL Hold'm. I play pretty tight on both, and have no boredom factor with this much action.

Here are some hand highlights, a major reversal from the worst rivers ever.


This suckout is not quite as bad as it looks. I knew I was likely behind an overpair, but he was shortstacked and offering me better than 2:1 to call with 2 cards to come. When I add up the runner runner low, the runner for trip queens, the runner for 2 pair, the runner runner for the flush and the runner runner 2 specific cards for the royal flush,I figured a call was in order. Catching the royal flush was sure sweet!


Got to love this turn and the guy way overvaluing his straight draw. I am a huge beneficiary of a table with soft play.

A brief venture to higher stakes

This guy kept raising everyone from position so I did not think he had AQ. He did. The lucky river for me comes through and he pays me off.

I am probably being a bit superstitious here and maybe a bit overly cautious but I will not be publishing (unless the number gets low again) my overall bankroll. Just don't think it is a good idea on line. At the lower stakes I don't think anyone would care but as the stakes increase it is probably best for me anyway to keep it offline. If anyone cares, I am happy to let them know verbally at WNP. Suffice it to say that I am currently above Marsh's highest reported total but not by much. My volatility is pretty wide so it could change at any moment.


jason said...

Missing links

Standard CATCH OF A 1000:1 SHOT


Sorry guys, I will get it all right next time I think. Marsh, if you can somehow get these links into the original post so much the better.

Bob Loblaw said...

Jason: your link for BIG POT WIN is the same as the
link. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that only YOU can edit your post. Marsh can't touch it. All you need to do is click the pencil icon at the bottom of the entry to be able to edit your original post.

Now, on to the 1000:1 SHOT: My god, you’re such a dOnk. "This suckout is not quite as bad as it looks." Um, yes it is. The fact that you caught the Royal is a moot point. That's definitely a raising hand pre-flop — I don’t fault you that. But calling an all-in on that flop with nothing more than top pair top kicker and a slew of Jason-outs? COME ON. I SO hope when I enter the challenge I find you sitting at my table.

jason said...

Thanks Royal for the tip as I think I have successfully cleaned up the post. If you do find me on line, I will have to either change my screen name or find a different table. Somehow, you almost always have my number.

As for the big suckout, I was probably not mathematically correct to call but I bet it was close with the all in being less than pot size. Plus, what a great story it tells about pursuing Jasonland outs.

Marshall said...

Damn Jase, nice run man! Those are some enormous pots bro! Ya when you are playing .25-.50 and taking down all in pots, you are going to surpass my totals very very quickly.

About your hands, not to be a wet blanket, but it seems like you are just getting lucky. I don't think you played particularly well in any of the ones you posted, and in fact played really poorly in them. I am by no means an Omaha expert, but it seems like you just got lucky?

Maybe you just posted the hands that you got lucky on though, and won a bunch of money through solid play etc.

At any rate, great work, and hopefully you can crack the big times here pretty soon man! Keep at it!

jason said...


I agree with the wet blanket comment as I posted my luckiest hands. I would disagree on the big pot win as I think I played that hand well. But the other 2 hands were just dramatic lucky suckouts.

Given my last post, where I just bitched and moaned about "worst rivers ever", I wanted to point out that everyone will get a good run once in a while, I am fortunate as mine is lasting quite a while.

Thanks too for your words of encouragement as I do hope to get into bigger figures soon. And I hope you and others can join me playing for bigger pots.

Sushi Cowboy said...

I agree with Jason. Making the deuce come out on the turn to give you the nut low and making the other guy miss his 15 outs on the river was masterful. ;)

Will said...

Jason, just curious. Would you think that you played the big pot well if your opponent had As3s and you got quartered instead of scooping?

jason said...

Hand Analysis on Big Pot Win

It looks like I have convinced no one that my play on big pot win was good vs. lucky. Marsh, Will, and Martin all seem to be doubting the wisdom here. I have no problem with everyone’s questioning, this is how good forums are developed. For the record, here is my logic.

I raise to pot from the button with AKK3, double suited in diamonds and clubs. I will always raise with this hand, with the size of the raise predicated on how tight the table is. A tight table gets a smaller raise as I want action. As I remember, this was a looser table so I figured I could get at least one caller with a pot size raise.

The flop is 5,9,7, with 2 spades. This is actually a pretty decent flop for me even though I have no spades. Few people are going to play 6,8 in Omaha 8, unless the 6,8 comes with a stronger hand like A,2 or A,3 suited. 6,8 is so tough to play because when you make your straight you are typically splitting the pot with whoever has a better low. I have also flopped 2 low cards, giving me the second nut low with an 8,6,4, or 2 for the qualifying low. Of course with a 2 I have the nut low. I also believe my Kings are good here for the high as I don’t think anyone has flopped a straight, and 2 pair or trips are unlikely. If trips are out there, I will likely hear from them after my bet.

I bet the pot, get one caller and two folders.

The turn card is a 2. This is an ideal card for me, but my opponent leads out. The 2 could not have made my opponent a straight, nor could it have made him a flush. So the only way this could have put him ahead is if he had pocket 2’s and A, 3. Highly unlikely and I would have possibly seen a re-raise with this hand preflop. I also still doubt 6,8 as slow playing 6,8 in Omaha 8 is a recipe for disaster. So I figure at best my opponent has A,3 and I still think my Kings are good for the high. I put my opponent all in.

The river card is a 2 and I scoop with both the high and low. To answer Will’s question, I just don’t worry about being quartered when I have the nut low or high heads up. Sure, it will happen, but not often. It typically happens in multiway pots, or in 10 handed play. I also find the folding equity to far outweigh the risk of being quartered. Suppose my opponent has pocket AA or 5, 7, or 5,9 and does not bet out at me on the turn.. I am going to push the action here as these weak high hands, though ahead of my pocket KK, will likely fold. The nut low obviously assures me that I have at least a tie for the low. Even if villain does have A-3 of spades on the turn, I am likely ahead anyways with KK for the high.

I will admit that I do play Omaha 8 more aggressively than most, but I try to temper this aggression with decent starting hands preflop. My basic strategy is if I think I am mathematically ahead I bet, if I don’t, I typically don’t.

Will said...

Thanks for the hand analysis Jason. Still curious if you would classify the hand as well played if you got quartered. Or if he hit two pair, trips, or a straight for the high and you got your money back? Or if he had AA to trump your KK for high?

mb said...

Yes, well played for sure if I got my money back. I like to put pressure on my opponents and if they stick with the weak 2 pair so be it. Trust me, it is very nerve racking to make the call with a weak high.

If I am quartered in a hand that is heads up on the turn and river, again, so be it. It is not going to happen too often, the best analogy I can use is think of trips over trips in NL Hold'm. Are you really going to beat yourself up for not folding trip 4's when you think your opponent may have trip queens.

I know the results were good here but given the flop and the action, I would not play it any differently given the range of hands my opponent might have.

Will said...

OK. Wasn't sure if you were being ROTty so I wanted to see your line of thinking first. Good hand.