Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Pokers

So I had like a dozen hands from over Thanksgiving I was going to post, but Cake sucks and they're all "currently unavailable" (ie: lost to the void).

Instead I have a single hand from today which involves a few situations that I completely suck at. I'm out of position against a tight player and almost two buy-ins deep. How's my play?


My image was aggro but not insane. I went into passive check-call mode as soon as he min-raised me on the flop. I'm not betting again because I do NOT want to have to call a raise for my stack, whereas if I just had 100 BB I would have no problem with getting it in on the turn. Is THAT a mistake? There isn't any difference other than the amount of money that's on the line, it's not like his range changes.

Anyone else turn into a total nit when deep?


Ryan said...

Not to sound like a complete Jesus freak again, but if I have more than 10% of my roll on the table, I've already cashed out. One effect is that stack depth doesn't make me nitty, because I'm never exposing myself to losing an amount that would make me uncomfortable.

Assuming I'm adhering to The Rules, here, I'm going to be fine going all the way with KK on that flop, and shrug when I face AA or TT (and FWIW, I'm definitely more worried about TT based on the PF action).

CERTAINLY I'm leading out on the river after check/check on the turn, and steeling up for calling a raise.

And natch, I'm making a note that this guy made those moves with QQ on that board. Noting premium-pair play is an important part of developing a solid book on a player.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Part of my BRM guidelines for my Cake Challenge is to never be in the situation where 10% of my roll is at risk in one hand. So I echo Ryan's comment that you shouldn't have the scenario where you are that afraid of calling off your stack.

And yes nittiness runs amok when the stacks get deep as you saw the last time we played a deep cash game.

As for the play. I think that the raise was to find out if you had a big pair or if you were just cbetting the flop with AK. I would assume that TT would more likely hammer the pot there with a drawy looking flop. A re-raise would likely have sorted the hand out right there. Just because you bet/call the flop and check the turn does not mean that you won't be put to the test for your stack on the river. Plus there are a plenty of nasty scare cards that could come to ruin everyone's fun. If you had a better sense for where you were then you could milk him for more chips but if you are left floating then you should probably get the hand figured out sooner than later.

Marshall said...

I had a hand similar to this that I later regretted.

here is the hand:

Girlygrlpnk multi's sometimes up to 12 tables and only plays premium hands. I probably could have gotten more out of them, but I froze up after the flat call on the flop, because QQ was square in their range. KK and AQ were also. After the board paired on the river and they checked, I knew I was good. There is 0% chance that this player checks a boat on the river.

So yes, against the right players I will nit up a bit, but my normal play against a random player would be far more aggressive.