Friday, November 30, 2007

Cake Challenge Update - Austin

I've been slowly treading water recently at around $90. I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to play, but I'm enjoying where I'm at even if I'm not moving up quite a bit. I still think I'm in the learning phase since I don't get nearly as much time as Marsh or Ryan, but some day I'll reach $200, some day.

Something I've really noticed about my play is that if I have any sort of distraction when I'm 3 tabling, my play goes to utter shit. I really need to reign that in as probably $20 worth of what I've lost is because of a "go away, I'm busy in real life" mentality. Stop calling me on the phone people!

Marsh found me on a table yesterday and I had a lot of fun winning and having a guy hit on me thinking I was a chick. It was pretty dumb but enjoyable at the same time. Oh, and hitting cards is quite nice too, especially when you have calling stations and people who love to come along for the ride.

Some recent hands:
ATs - I normally don't make calls like this, but said fuck it and managed to catch the runner runner flush. Oddly enough, I probably would have laid it down were it not suited.

KK - This was after a massive donk hand or two (when I was on the phone). Good way to start going back up. Sometimes I buy back up and sometimes I play short stacked, this time I chose to go with the latter.

7To - I love hitting inside straights. No one ever suspects. He had to think a long time on the call on the river.

T5o - This was the guy who was hitting on me and acting all dumb. I was pounding a lot of pots pretty hard (which Marsh commented on), but most of the time I had a hand similar to this one, although this went from good to even better. I wasn't too worried about the flush because he seemed to be pretty good about not going for that kind of thing previously.

JKo - I'll bet the two overs and gutshot as a c-bet and then when I hit my K I wanted to make sure that he didn't have the trips.

AA - So gross. I can't believe this donk would do something like this. I bet the river hoping he didn't have a K, but realizing even if he did I had a lot of outs. Regardless, this is some serious donkish play. Ugh, still gross.

Other than that, it seems like Cake can't display any of my old hands from over a week ago. No idea what's going on with that. I had that one $15 massive hand that I told you guys about and not a tremendous amount more. Hopefully I get to play more in the future, but I'm kind of doubting it. I do want to get to that magical $200 mark though :).


Ryan said...

I've written to Cake asking about the "Hand Unavailable" problem, which really undermines so much of the blogging I've done. Totally sucks.

Keep at it. I don't know if Marsh would agree or not, but he has only recently begun to take more notes, but try dropping to two tables and taking more player notes.

Especially at the lowest limits, having a d0nk book lets you establish your targets before you've even sat down.

Oh, and I also recommend switching to for your spreadsheet sharing. Not only will Marsh be able to view it from his phone, but it auto-hyperlinks all those hand histories, which is great.

Marshall said...

It was pretty hilarious how much that guy was asking you if you were hot. You were crushing the table when I was watching. Keep it up dude.

Are you going to be doing tournies much still? Those seemed to be your bread an butter.

Marshall said...

oh and +1 about editgrid. Free, web-based, and awesome.

I can also view it at work.

Austin said...

If you guys give me the template for it, I'd be more than happy to switch over. I've actually been doing all that by hand which is a PITA.