Sunday, November 25, 2007

My visit to Cakeland

On Sunday I was doing some surfing around the Internet while my fantasy football team was accumulating points. After cracking $300K I haven't been doing any online poker I decide to take a pit stop at Cake and get a feel for the neighborhood. I jump in and scout out the NL tables, find Marsh, and came away with some questions/comments.

* Is there any way to resize the windows? I IM'ed Marsh and told him I was watching him then he asked if I was watching all his tables. I told him no, just one. And as I opened up the other tables I found that I couldn't resize them to fit all of them on my screen. Normally 13" is more than enough (TWSS) but there is no way I'm going to be able to multi table on Cake with this screen. I'm going to need to get an external big screen. With FTP I could fit four tables on my screen with a fifth table peeking out from behind the others when needed.

* Marsh has a nice rack online. Do you get to pick your avatar or is it based on where you sit like on Party Poker?

* Can you pick your seat? On FTP you can move your seat to whichever part of the screen you want. When multi-tabling it makes it much easier to have your seat be in the same spot on the screen for each table so you always know which seat you are in.

* I also noticed that you can get hand histories for the table even just lurking. Did I recall one of you saying that you need to grab the hand history immediately after the hand? I was able to see histories for as far back as when I first started observing the table.

Looking forward to doing some Cake here pretty soon.


Marshall said...

1. No.
2. Apparently you can pick your avatar, I have them turned off personally. I have read in the chat that people think I am a girl, and have commented on my rack.
3. You pick your seat when you sit but you cant rotate the table like you can at FTP.
4. You can get the HH two ways. First is to click "last hand", then click previous until you get to the hand you want. Second way is to just view them on your HD, they are stored there automatically. RE: Viewing last hand problems; pretty often it will only let you see the last hand played, and previous hands will show a server error.

Cake is much smaller than FTP or Stars, and is much newer. The software isn't as good, but I have to say it is pretty darn good overall for it's age.

Marshall said...

And regarding the screen, I have never 4 tabled on the Macbooks' screen, but I have 3 tabled numerous times. It's not pretty, but it's very doable.

I use an external 20" monitor for 4 tabling.