Sunday, November 18, 2007


This post is total fluff but I pretty much have to post it. I'm 'so sick' in all of these.

Hand 1.

You know what? Fuck short stacks. Yeah I pushed with K6o, what?

Anyway, here's the chat after that masterplay:

Jones28: u r an idiot sick
so sick: untrue
so sick: but thanks
Jones28: y u go all in with K 6 off if its untrue
so sick: here's the thing
so sick: i'm drunk and love gambling
so sick: Q.E.D.
Jones28: whats qed?
so sick: i dont know im too drunk

Hand 2.

Grindin4Life is a total unknown, but after that donktastic play and my chat there is no way I'm slowing down with an overpair there. He SNAPcalled that river, too. MOWED.

Then, like 4 hands later, THIS happens.

Hand 3.

He had the SPAINR for the second nut straight. Ahahahahahhaah. Poker is fucking awesome, QED.


Bob Loblaw said...


Austin said...

Joe, you are fantastic. Keep it up.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Wait. Who's QED? I don't see his hand.

Ryan said...

100% pure awesome.

Marshall said...

AHAHHA so sick. Wait. Anyway.

That is sweet dude. I am so in love with the limp-check-check-ship line on that last hand. That is so fantastic.

Joe fucking rules. QED.

Sidenote: I noticed a guy I play with often and hate (formerly johnnienaked) changed his name but I still have my notes on him. Is that how it's supposed to work?

jsola said...

yeah that's how it works, their name changes but you keep all your notes.

if I notice someone doing that I put a note on him because it usually means he plays regularly and is probably not a total mouthbreather.