Monday, November 26, 2007

Bring on the Cake!

Here I go. I've set up a real money account on Cake. And after Joe gets some time to hook me up with some Cake dough, I'll be ready to rock and roll. Ryan has sent me some tips like MalakiCnstnt = total fish and other helpful info.

I think I'm going to do something like Ryan and set up an external blog for gory details while updating TNP with the 10,000 foot views.

Goal #1 is to last longer than Royal.

Good luck me!


Bob Loblaw said...

Goal #1 is to last longer than Royal.

Shit, even I can last longer than that d0nk.

Good luck! I'm working on figuring out this Windows on the Mac Laptop thing, and as soon as I do that, I'll be buying in for Cake Challenge Part Deux.

Sushi Cowboy said...

I'm up $110! OK, so it's not real money (yet) but I'm kicking the tires on the site and thought I'd start with some play dough.

Went to the 5/10 limit Omaha table and played my first hand and call a raise to 10 with a wrap worthy 6c8d5s4c. Flop bottom two pair and four to the low. Check/call. Pick up a qualifying low on the turn. Check/call. River second nut low. Check/call. Lose the hand to top two pair...and since it was Omaha (not Omaha hi/lo) I lost the hand. Good thing we're practicing with fake money!

Now that I got them thinking that I don't know what the hell I'm doing...which I didn't...I call a three way capped pre-flop hand with 5cTs4s6s and proceed to flop a Sixes full of Tens Full House and get capped action on every street. Leave the table up $110.

Forgot to do the publishing hand history thing. Seems like the URL is just a simple encoding of the hand number. Need to spend a little time to see if I can figure that out.

I take a quick look at the play money NLHE tables. Ridiculous. The lowest limits are 10/20 and those tables have average pots ranging from 3K-7K. The 100/200 tables have average pots ranging from 40K up to 150K. Sheesh.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Joe sent email to tell me that he has hooked me up with some Real Cake Dough (thanks Joe!) so now I'm free to jump into the Cake Challenge. I went back to the site to verify that the fundage had been transferred. It had. I then spent the next while nibbling around the edges.

Fifty bucks has never felt like such a big deal as it does now. I'm appalled at the stakes. The default buy-in for getting into a .02/.04 game is $2.40. Two freakin' forty! That's like half my bankroll! OK so my math skillz aren't that strong but $2.40 sure feels like an enormous percentage of my original stake.

I look around and see what else is available. They have tourneys that start at $1 plus vig. There is a limit game going for .04/.08. I'm feeling underfunded.

I am tired and not thinking well right now and I'm too scurred to dive in right now.

Going to sleep on it for now. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Marshall said...

2.40 is just under 5% of your roll, which is perfect for Ferguson rules. I don't know what Ryan did, but I just bought in for the full 4.00 right off the bat. You really want to get max value at those levels IMO.

Marshall said...

oh and GL!

Austin said...

Good luck Martin :). Hopefully you pass up my piddly $90 soon!

Ryan said...

Ferguson specifically had a rule that said, essentially, "5%, or maximum buy at the lowest stakes offered."

I bought in for full $4 buys based on that clause, but if you wanted to protect your roll while you feel out the site, buy in for the minimum and you are under 5%.

Good luck!

Ryan said...

OK, Mr. Cowboy declared "Bring on the Cake!" more than three days ago now, when he got funded, and guess how many hands he has played? Zip.

I think it's time for poker embargos. Everyone refuse to play poker with him until he plays a Cake session already! Who's with me?

Marsh and I are already on baby-punching life tilt over this.

You've already outlasted Royal, OK? Goal #1 reached. Now reach Goal #2: Actually Play A Fucking Hand.

Marshall said...

I am still mega tilted over this.

No infant is safe from my punch until you play 500 hands.