Thursday, November 1, 2007

Full Tilt Poker Challenge Jason

Total: A little ahead of 4 times my buyin

I just read Marsh’s and Ryan’s update and will try to shed some light on some of my strategies. Ryan, your player notes are exactly the type of analysis that, in my humble opinion, will propel the cakers and others to success on the net. I practice a similar behavior. I am not detail oriented enough to actually take down player notes, but I try to track the tendencies of each player so that I can maximize value in any given situation.

First tip, what tables to pursue. If I am in the mood to try to actually make money, as opposed to learning painful lessons on Pot Limit Omaha, I generally pursue tables with lots of shortstacks. This seems to work well at the micro to low stakes levels, but is not nearly as effective on higher stakes where there are short stack specialists. I also like tables where everyone, or most everyone, has similar playing styles. This is not always easy to find.

There are times of day when you can find the style you are looking for. Sunday morning or early afternoon, you will generally find a slew of loose passive types. Weeknights late the aggressive types find their way.

Short stacks at micro to low stakes are typically,

Players that are on tilt, having lost a bigger stack.
Aggressive overbettors.
Or Just plain bad players.

Results: I am currently up just over 4x my buyin. While this may sound good in nominal dollars, it is not quite as good an accomplishment as Marsh’s. I play on average for 6x the stakes that Marsh does. My accomplishment is roughly like sitting at 8 tables with a full buy in and doubling up at each one. Marsh is up roughly 25 full buyins at his $4 max stakes. My bankroll management is weak at best, but I have limited myself to risking only the amount of dollars that will keep me slightly ahead of Marsh in nominal dollars.

Key Hands or Amusing Hands

The poorly played by my opponent, J Sola Hand

Chronic min raiser from early position raises to 2x the blind. I call from the big blind with 9,3 suited (and you all thought this hand was on the list).

Flop is 5, 8, J rainbow. I check, opponent checks. Turn is a King. Check, Check, River is a 2, check, check. Opponent flips over 4,6 os and I take down the pot with 9 high.

The Bluff Call Hand

3 people in a limped pot, I am in the big blind with QJos. Final board is 6,9,J,A, J, no flush possiblities. Checked around to the river. Small blind bets a pot size bet, I 3 bet from the big blind. Other limper folds, and small blind bluff calls me with K,10 or the 4 card missed straight. Where are the bluff callers at TNP? Or in casino land?

The Everything went Right Hand (s)

Pick up QQ in 2nd position. Raise to pot size bet, my standard bet. Villain in blind raises to 14x the blind. I may reraise here at TNP but I prefer post flop play on the net, where players are prone to make mistakes. Flop is Q,4,5 rainbow. Yahtzee! as Marsh would say. Villain makes a nearly pot size continuation bet, likely AK, but possible KK or AA, maybe JJ. I decide to think call rather than instacall. I don’t know if players really try to get reads on you at low stakes but I try to mix up my instacalls and think calls.

Turn is a 9, opponent checks. I decide villain has AK and throw in a bet of 1/3 the pot. Villain thinks for a long time and calls. I am actually hoping for an A or K. River is a K. Villain checks, I put him all in (only about ¼ size of the pot bet) and villain calls with AK.

Very next hand I pick up 99 UTG. I raise to pot size bet. Villain, same guy raises to about 10x the blind. I call. Flop is K,K,4. Villain checks. Slow playing consecutive AK’s??? Next card is a blank. Check, Check. Final card is a blank. Villain bets about 1/3 of the pot, I think then call and villain has AQ os.

Villain tips his hat in the chat, I say I just had good cards.

No more opportunities to push with Q,7 suited, generally running good.

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