Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cake Update - Marsh

Current total: $290.70

Took a decent step backwards last night losing 3 buy ins. I played tired, and played pretty crappy poker really. I had 3 main hands where I had the 2nd best and and was willing to go to the mat with. I remember 2 of them very well.

First one: A5 on BB.
Limps to me and I check. Flop comes AK5r, and I lead for pot. I get one caller. Turn is J, and I lead for pot, get raised, and ship. Dude calls and has Q10 for broadway. I brick on the river and that is one buy in.

Second one:Qs10s
I call a raise and see a flop of J 10 8. Mid pair and a gutter. I lead out hoping to just take down the pot, but get called. Turn is a 9 giving me a straight, and we get it all in on the turn. Villain has KQ for the nut and I am dead to a chop that misses.

Taking a hit like this sucks, but it's not that bad at all given the BR management that I use. I could have stayed longer as I have done in the past, and tried to get it back. But the difference this time is that I knew I was not playing my A-game, so I stopped. I have been hovering around the 320.00 mark for a while now, and I am planning on playing tonight when I am more well rested, and grinding back up.

I haven't decided exactly what to do when I get to 400.00. That is big enough to play .10-.20 at max buy in, but I am wondering if I should stay around .05-.10 for a little while longer as I don't feel like I have been here long enough to be comfortable. Hell, it might take me 3 months to get from 290.00 to 400.00 anyhow..


jason said...

I would not beat yourself up too much for your play here. You are an aggressive player and you just ran into a couple situations where you had the second best hand. Particularly when you were against KQ, unless you are playing Omaha or mega deep stack of 200 blinds plus this is virtually an impossible laydown. Maybe a weak tight player would lay this down in a tournament but virtually everyone else will just lose their chips.

I only try to beat myself up for strategic errors like I noticed he always has the goods and I just continued to call him down anyways.
Or why did I call down a preflop raise of 4x with this stupid hand.
Losing with good second best hands is just part of the game.

Sushi Cowboy said...

First hand: If I see someone speed up after a J hits that's all sorts of bad news. Catching a gutter is ugly but AJ would have had you too. Who plays A5 anyway?

Second hand: Another situation where you are likely playing to get your money back at best. We've all been guilty of it but after the Jeh hand and Ryan's last Tue I am more aware of these marginal situations than ever and I am trying to avoid them even before the perfect storm hits.

Nice work on stepping away from the table though. Good BRM to keep losses in check and good discipline to not only realize you are not on your A game but to not chase and try to get it back immediately either.

Marshall said...

Well Marty if you read you would know that it was a limped pot on the first one. I find it extremely hard to think that this guy limped with AJ, then just called when he hit TPGK.

2nd hand: You are wrong here. 2 pair, a set, and an overpair are all paying me off here.

About stepping away, ya it sucks to do it at the time but afterwards you always thank yourself. When you are both playing bad and running bad, you just have to wrench yourself away from the tables and call it a session.

Looking at the graphs from my spreadsheet tells me that in a major way. The dips when I have gotten losses have to be controlled. I am capable of steaming off a lot of money online if I am playing exceptionally bad. I have to contain those losses, because the upside is always there waiting for me...