Saturday, November 10, 2007


Scooped a pot at one of the kiddie tables but it was enough to push me over the 300,000 mark, 301,374 to be exact.

The odometer is clicking just as fast as ever, actually even faster now by mixing in the 500/1000 tables. But even though I'm blowing through 1K milestones left and right, my percentage increase has slowed down dramatically as I've alluded to before. As games get pricier, tables aren't always available due to being short on players. With a roll this big, I'm even opening up multi 500/1000 tables whenever possible even though a short while ago I wanted to mitigate risk by only opening up one big table and flank it with three or four small tables. Now that the S8 tables are not bearing fruit fast enough, I've turned to 200/400 HORSE tables. I savor the 10 games of S8 and just nibble around the edges of the other games. Pots are big enough to make it worth the while but not nearly as good an earner as a 500/1000 table.

In the play money world, the games dry up at the third level. For True Cakers, I imagine the challenge will be that the reduced d0nk factor after moving up a couple notches will make the games tougher so that might be what slows down building the bankroll.

Another phenomenon that is happening is that switching into Sushi Cowbot mode really kinda makes it feel more like I'm playing a MMORPG and I'm clicking away to churn out widgets to earn "gold" to use elsewhere in the virtual world. Yes, I know that I'm using fake money and that is a certain minor percentage of why I am think that. But I think that good poker is disciplined poker and I really have pretty much reduced beating the S8 tables down to a pretty straightforward flow chart that makes decisions for me.

I feel like I've "beaten" the game and that there are no more hurdles to clear. If I wanted to I could continue on to 400K, 500K, and eventually a million by repeating the steps that I've taken to build my roll up as far as I have. I have doubled my money and doubled it again and again and again and again four times and then some. In doing so I have learned a TON about bankroll management on an accelerated pace due to the unique conditions of the play money world. And I know that I am a much better Stud/8 player than I was before. I don't feel like continuing on along the current course is going to be very useful for me so I'm going to pull way back on the reins of the Stud/8 horse I've been riding and just go back to that game to keep my game in tune.

I am retiring from this Fake Cake Challenge.


Bob Loblaw said...

That's kinda bitter sweet, eh? Congrats on hitting the 300K mark! What's the next challenge?

Sushi Cowboy said...

I've taken Fake Cake Challenge as far as I can and have nothing left to prove. I'm now going to pursue my dream of becoming a professional baseball player. ;)

As soon as one of these Caker clowns makes enough money to fund me I am ready to take on a True Cake Challenge. As warm up I was going to slice off a chunk of money from my roll and work on building it up but playing Hold'em only. The default starting stack is 1K for play money but the lowest NL Hold'em game is 5/10 so starting with 1K would be reckless.

I was thinking of starting with 1,374 since that would make the math easier to calculate how much above 300K I built my Hold'em roll just for the challenge but I'd have to start out on limit which I don't think anyone else has.

The calculator says 12.5K is the equivalent to the $50 in terms of ratio to the lowest game so I'll probably just do that, maybe even 10K for round figures sake.

That seems like a reasonable enough next thing to do. It is going to feel funny going back down to training wheels after riding bikes and motorcycles but I like the idea of going through the process again knowing what I now know. I also am planning to be MUCH more fastidious about tracking numbers. I blogged a bunch of stats but I didn't catalog them. I think that a running spreadsheet of all stats would be very helpful and I would like to know my exact earn/hand and $/hour. I also want to do trend analyses.

For the moment though I think I'm just going to bask in the glory of the accomplishment.

Marshall said...

Nice work dude! It's good that you have hit a point where you have gotten as much as you can out of your exercise and realized it. We really need to get you on the real Cake Challenge. Can you just deposit the money yourself? You don't have to wait for someone to transfer it.

I can ask around at the +1 and see if anyone on there has an account they can transfer the 50.00 to me with if you can't deposit yourself. We have to find some way. I just don't want to take the hit on my roll since it's not quite healthy enough and because I am still transitioning to .05-.10.

We will get you on there soon somehow man.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Well I'm sure that I could get more out of it but I don't think that the incremental knowledge would be worth the time/effort. I do think that I am going to be able to get a whole bunch more out of building a roll from scratch the second time. Lots of lessons learned the first time around that I can apply the second time. Kinda like how the first time you did a brake job took you a while but after that, it was a breeze.

Also, I cannot wait to generate some charts and graphs from the data that I'm going to pull. I think it will be easier to spot leaks in my game based on the stats that I will accumulate. Even when I was in the middle of a Stud/8 session I could monitor what my 4th Street % was to keep my hand selection in check.

I don't mind giving money and a service fee to someone to deposit for me to do True Caking. I just need to be off the grid.