Sunday, November 11, 2007

Manhattan's underground poker scene

Here's an interesting article about poker in Manhattan from today's NY Times.

Killing Sends Tremors Through City’s Illegal Poker Scene


Sushi Cowboy said...

Another one last month in Florida. This guy was well known for running poker games and had hole cards painted in his driveway...ummm...hello.

There has been an increase in reports of this stuff. Just last week in fact I had suggested to Jason that we tweak a couple of things when he hosted to increase safety.

Anyway, this story serves as a good reminder that there is risk in everything we do from walking across the street to flying airplanes. Personally I think we are more likely to contract lead poisoning than run into an mishap. But as long as we all take reasonable precautions and keep personal safety in mind I am sure that we will mitigate risk as much as possible.

Marshall said...

I have never understood why these types of stories make sense to people. So a guy got shot. In New York. Big friggin' deal. I would go play the next day.

If some guy got capped in a Subway Sandwich Shop in Manhatten, would all of the customers stop aspiring to be just like Jared? Fuck no.

Marshall said...

Also, what is the law in WA regarding private poker games? We aren't breaking any laws are we?

Even if we were, fuck'em, I don't care. Officer Friendly can come to our poker game whenever he wants.

Sushi Cowboy said...

No rake is being taken at our games so they are 100% legal.

I find the article interesting because it talks about the underground poker in NYC. And the only reason it shows up on our radar is because poker was involved. None of us care about the guy at Subway.

And just as Cakers seek out soft tables, criminals seek out easy opportunities. Leaving your porch light on means the robber is more likely to move on to the next house. I'm just saying that we should just use common sense and not do anything to needlessly increase our risk.