Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cake Challenge Update - Ryan

Good time for a TNP-side update to my Cake progress. After a recent run of bad play and bad luck that has kept me oscillating between $175 and $185, I broke through the last few sessions to pass the $200 mark, and I’m sitting at $204.61.

Now that I’m at my first move-up milestone, I have much more empathy for Marsh facing this situation. I have a ton of notes on the .02/.04 players and the fish density is delightfully high there, so even though I have earned it, it’s bittersweet to leave this comfortable, easy game to take on something more difficult. Given that my long-term goal is to work up through the different stakes until I hit a wall, though, I must move on.

My approach is going to be to play a conservative, TAG game while I build up my notes again. Oh, and to play good and stuff. That always helps.


Edit: my discussion with bob in the DNR blog comments has pushed me over the edge, and I've made that blog private. Especially given that I'm trying to work up in stakes, there's no reason to expose my playbook and scouting reports to potential opponents on cake.

I sent invites to those I feel are reading it, but if your invite doesn't work, or I didn't send you one, let me know and we'll get it working. My top-secret hand assessments are now safe!


Ryan said...

See edit re: privatization of the DNR blog, and let me know if you can't view it and want to.

Marshall said...

YAY congrats on hitting 200!! You are going to be over doubling your buy in, so you will really start to shoot up now, great work dude. Keep it up.

dan said...

Dude, where's my invite? Sniff, sniff.

Ryan said...

I didn't know you were actively reading, Dan!

(Dan is a friend of mine I mentioned the blog to a while back...he's not a poker player, but the guy will read anything.)

Invite to come...