Monday, November 19, 2007

Jasonland Bankroll Managment Principles

Jasonland Bankroll Managment Principles: a supplement for the Jasonland guide.

* All Jasonland Bankroll Managment Principles are based on Ferguson's guidelines with only the slightest of changes.

* It is OK to risk more than 5% of bankroll in a cash game if you are a loose aggressive player. This is because you need to have a bigger stack in order to apply enough pressure to make players fold when you have the worse hand.

* Playing at higher stakes than Ferguson recommends is permitted because the play is so awful at the micro-stake level.

* If you are an action junkie then you can risk 25% of your bankroll at one time because unless there is enough at stake, an action junkie will make boredom calls and those will decimate a bankroll.

* Putting an ENTIRE bankroll is NEVER permitted...unless one or more of the following apply:

a) You are playing Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo because you cannot put all of the money in at one time like in No Limit. Plus you have two ways to get half of your money back since it is split pot.

b) You have had your bankroll cut in half due to a sick suckout the hand before.

c) In order to reach the minimum buy in for higher stakes so that you can recoup losses faster.

* If the bankroll ever gets extremely low or bankrupt then it is OK to fund the account with more money as long as you build *that* roll up to exceed the loss from the first roll.

There are also other minor variations which are available as circumstances dictate.

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jason said...

Good post, but I thought for sure it was Ryan's. Ryan always promised volume II of Jasonland, where is it?