Friday, November 16, 2007 - Best Pokertainment on the web

At WNP, some of you have heard of me mentioning this site I go to for Podcasts and such. Just thought I'd mention this website once again in case you haven't had a chance to look at it - Joe Sebok and Barry Greenstein are behind it and everything is free. I've listened to their flagship broadcast "PokerRoad Radio", hosted by Gavin Smith, Joe Sebok, and Bart Hanson through 3 incarnations now (used to be sponsored by different companies) and I'm tired of them moving place to place - I want them to succeed so badly, that I'm going to do my part in shilling their site! Trust me, it's good stuff and very entertaining.

They have some video stuff on there too, with a great video interview of Daniel Negreanu. Also has blogs by some pro poker players and Greenstein's audio blog. In short, if you're looking for poker-themed entertainment for your iPod or online viewing, I highly suggest this site.

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Marshall said...

I too have been a fan of this podcast with Jeh since the early days. It used to be "The Circuit" hosted by CardPlayer, then they dropped it abruptly, and the show moved to before CardPlayers deal with the WPT basically screwed over everyone else.

Now they are independent.

I agree 100% with what Jeh said, fantastic show, very entertaining. I listen to every episode and eagerly await the new ones.

Check that shit out fellers.