Monday, November 5, 2007

Brad's first cake update

Since I've been given posting rights I figured I'd oblige by writing a quick update.

Current roll: ~$94
I peaked briefly at $104 on Friday.

I'd been wondering how much of my quick success was due to good bankroll management and how much was due to running hot... I hadn't felt like I was taking many bad beats, and my monsters were all paying off huge. Well, I finally had my bad run on Saturday, and got my answer.

I'm not in the habit of tracking hand histories yet, so I'll just narrate: 8 of my last 12 sessions have been losing sessions, and I was cleaned out on 4 of them. In a period of about 20 minutes, I twice came up against a straight flush, and both times I had a boat. I went broke on one, but got away from the other with minimal damage... but then lost the rest to a 4 outer a few hands later. All in all, it was one of those days where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Missed every flush draw, got no action on my sets, and lost every race, even when I was dominating. You know the drill.

The good news: Going on a terrible run only set me back 9% of my roll, and a good chunk of that can be blamed on tilting. In the past, a run like that would have cost me 20-40%, and I would have been tempted to go to higher stakes to "get it back."

I've weathered a pretty nasty storm, and it barely shook the shingles, so this system is clearly working well for me.

Good to know.


Marshall said...

Awesome dude, good update. I have had a few bad runs like that since we started this, and thanks to only having a small amount on the table at once, have came through largely unscathed.

I did have one night though where I lost ~16.00 to a guy going all in every hand literally. He cracked my AA twice, but I got up on him later. Then he tightened up and I didn't adjust at all and I dumped the rest of my buy in to him. Result: Tilt city. I normally am really good about tilt control, but this just irked me so much. So I went up levels and lost more. Then I got back to around even at the upper levels and stopped. Pretty bad, but thankfully I learned from it and haven't done anything like that since.

I don't know how much time you have for this stuff, but Ryan has a simple spreadsheet that we are all using to track our progress, he could give it to you too I'm sure.

At any rate, welcome to TNP.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Welcome Brad. Glad to hear another bankroll management success story.

If I have a decent boat I'm paying off the straight flush every time. I don't see ever getting away from it unless I have a sucker end of a boat.

Yeah, sometimes the poker gods are just toying with you and make you lose some chips but as you point out, managing your roll means that bad sessions don't wreck you.

I'm glad we converted another lurker!