Friday, November 9, 2007

Cake Update - Marsh

Current total: 269.10

Last night was pretty brutal, but I came away unscathed. Here are some choice hands from last night:

AA vs 1010

AK vs 95
This guy had been calling/raising very very light preflop obv. My bet was actually for value.

KK vs AQ vs 99
Brutal, still came away with some profit though. BIG pot.

AQ vs AK cooler
Pretty standard.

AhKh vs untrue spainR
I was pretty short stacked.

AQ vs 32
I decided to just jam on this guy, but he was a hero.

AK vs 33
Cbet the flop, then hit my hand and wasn't going anywhere.

Here are a few of the better hands for me:

AA vs KK

1010 vs 76o
I guess I could have let this one go, but I didn't feel like I was behind for some reason.

I had AQ on this one

WTF? Why wasn't there more action?? Collusion?

It was a very up and down session. I was playing at two 10.00 tables and one 4.00. I had bought in for two buy-ins at two of the 10.00 tables, and 3 buys at the 4.00 table thanks to many of the hands above.

I got back to even basically on the two bigger tables and finally lost the all of it on the smaller table when I bluffed off my last chips on my final hand. Thankfully I bought in at a different 10.00 table and nearly doubled up within the first 30 minutes and called it a night. And this is just one night of the rollercoaster that is the Cake Challenge. I was blessed with having Austin sit at my smaller table. He played for like 4 minutes, got a boat, doubled up and bailed. Austin: can you teach me that one?


Austin said...

It can not be taught. Some people have it, and some people don't. That, and really bad betting by the villain.

99 vs KK

I love it. Such terrible play pre flop, post flop, and on the turn. Thankfully for me at least :).

Ryan said...

I love the spainR flopping yet another straight...

Based on the posted hands, you should be down $700, so nice work! Your results are inspiring to those of us trying to catch up. :)

Marshall said...

Ya I only post the really bad ones. But I usually just run over the table more or less.

Marshall said...

Austin you are a god sir. I was waiting for that fucking donk to pay me off, but when I finally got a hand, he had AA. He slowplayed it on me too, but AA was good.

Friggin spainR is the nuts post flop apparently. I really want that KK hand to hold up though, that was one case where I made money but was still pissed.

jason said...

Nice work Marsh. I may have let the AQ go preflop, depending on the table dynamics. Big raises out of the blinds are almost always AK or a decent size pocket pair. Not a huge fan of playing AQ, unless the individual has a history of raising from the blinds with relative junk.

Other than that, exceptional play.

You are right on my heals in dollars. I am going to have to either step up my play or get lucky.

Competition gets a bit tougher at higher levels. When do you move up next, $500.00?

Marshall said...

Thanks for the compliments Jase, but I have to pull a Ryan and disagree with you on my play. I try to keep the hands that I find interesting or that I played differently/questionably. Like these ones. Individually they can look weird/bad but overall my "system" is very effective for these levels.

And about the AQ hand, and AQ in general, I am pretty much willing to go to the mat with it preflop and if I hit, post flop too. Raises from the blinds at these stakes are almost meaningless. They might as well be J5 as often as they are AK. I will say however that they are rare.

Marshall said...

oh and at 400, 5% of my roll will be 20.00 which is the buy in at .10-.20 i think.