Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wheel Flush

Please tell me this image disappeared.

Wow, last night was quite an amazing night for cards. I wanted to jot down the few hands that stick in my head before they fly away.

Hand 1: Holdem tourney. Down to three players, I’m short stack. Marsh best, I raise, and he three-bets all in. I call. I’ve got AcQx, to his 99. Flop comes KJ8c. Doing the math later, I actually was favored to win at that point, even though Marsh was ahead. I know these things happen quite often, but it still amazes me that it’s possible. I think I was 59% to win or something like that after the flop. Result: of course it didn’t hit, and I fell out of the tourney shortly thereafter.

Hand 2: Holdem cash game. Me, Tiffany, MB, Kris (sp?) and Martin. Don’t remember the specifics, other than the board was 4 to the diamond flush, with A35Jd and some other card. Martin bets 20 and I can’t call because I don’t have a diamond. Result: I knew my king was red, but luckily it was a heart and not the d, because Martin had the straight flush wheel (or is it wheel straight flush? or straight wheel flush? Or just wheel flush? I like wheel flush.) Whew.

Hand 3: O8. I’ve got AJ4d with a fourth card I can’t remember. Flop brings 53d2h. A few players follow me in, but I’m trying to disguise my lock on the low hand with good high-hand possibilities. Turn brings the 2d. BAM! Best card ever. I’ve got the wheel flush, and it gets down to Marsh and me. Luckily, Marsh bets into me for 20 and I call, hoping the river brings something fun. River brings 3c. BAM! Best card ever. Marsh bets 60, I go all in, Marsh quick calls. Result: my wheel flush takes down his quad 3s. I know this is Omaha, but my god, that’s the worst bad beat I’ve ever seen.

Hand 4: Pass the trash. All night every time Pass the Trash was called, I kept saying that I’m waiting for the day we see quads over quads. Quads seemed to be coming even more frequently for this session than they had in previous PtT sessions. Anywho, the short of it is Tiffany and Kris have joined us at the mixed-game table, and are crash-learning the games as we’re going around the table. I get myself into a hand with the two of them, and Tiffany gives an Oscar™-winning performance. Everybody knew Kris had a lock on the low, and therefore each betting round was capped. At first, as Tiffany is rolling her cards, she is struggling to call the back and forth bets. Up until 4th street, when she’s 4 to the royal I was convinced she was only playing a high flush and hoping I wasn’t going to make my full house (8-9-9 showing). But on fourth street, once it was apparent that I wasn’t going away, Tiffany starts raising it up. Brilliant, because I can’t throw my hand away at this point, a lesson which I reinforced later in the evening (see below). Result: Tiffany’s royal flush crushes my quad nines.

Hand 5: Pass the trash, last hand of the night. Marsh and I are vying for the high hand and betting into each other the whole way. Kris has a lock on the low hand. Marsh has QQ77 showing and I’m four to the Q-high straight flush. Marsh is saying things like “Does Royal have the straight flush?” to himself, but loud enough for me to hear. In the middle of raising to 24 on 4th street, Marsh says “You better have it, because I’m not going away.” and holy hell that line almost worked on me. It was only 16 more chips for me to call it down, but only have an A-high flush, and if he has the boat I’m screwed. He HAS to have the boat, so why would I call here? I hadn’t given him a Q when we passed cards, but I had given him at least one 7, so would he have gotten this far with more-likely 777QQ boat? And why would he call me here if he knew he was losing even to a flush? Result: Marsh had only 2 pair, and his acting job almost worked.

Once again, a great night at the T&I. Martin, thanks for being a master poker controller, and T&I, thanks for hosting! And honestly, you don't have to have food for us, so please don't feel bad about not having food I shouldn't eat anyway.

Martin, I thought this tourney structure was pretty close to perfect. I was a little frustrated at first due to how the tables were randomly distributed and I was stuck at the table with the time-sucking collusion twins. I thought Table 1 was seeing a lot more hands than Table 2. But when talking with Marsh about it, it turns out your table was having the same sorts of issues. And as far as issues go, that's a pretty harmless one.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Hand 1: I dealt that. Royal literally had a million cards in the deck that could win the hand for him and none of them came. Best flop (that missed) ever for Royal's hand.

Hand 2: Flop was Ad4dXx because I knew I was four the the wheel flush. Turn was a diamond because I made my flush even though it was nearly the nut low flush. River was the glorious 2d to perfectly complement my 3d5d hole cards.

Hand 3: Yes, it is Omaha but that is STILL a cooler among coolers. My hats off to Marsh for taking the beat like a man too. Nothing more than a nice hand nod and a shrug, tabling his two Threes, then pulling out the wallet to re-load. No Phil Hellmuth show. No whining. Class act.

Hand 4: I love the trademark symbol btw. The part I loved the most was when Ivan was trying to protect Tiffany from d0nking off her chips! Beginners my ass. Chris' Quad Eights and Tiffany's Royal Flush. Sheesh! I agree though that last night was exceptionally rich in nutty hands and big clashes between huge hands.

Hand 5: I was putting stuff away when this was going on. Was it two way or three way action? I assume someone went low? Or else this is where the beauty of PtT comes in. If it is just you two then Marsh can choose to go low with his two pair assuming that you go high. But if Royal has nothing but a busted straight flush with no straight or flush then he can go low knowing that he is good for half if not a scoop if Marsh backs off and tries to go low. Ahhh...Pass the Trash.

I agree about the food thing. It was so funny how a perfect storm of hungry poker players and busy hosts combined into a big Dick's run!

Royal, I too liked how the tournament came off. I blogged about it in a separate post.

Bob Loblaw said...

Yeah -- I saw your other post. The strange thing is, I got my post up before you posted your tourney recap post. Even though it says you posted it at 5:08am, when I posted mine at 11am, your post was still in draft form (incidentally, I also noticed that any of us can read posts AS they're being written -- Martin's writing a post about when to bet in Omaha right now. Blogger is constantly auto-saving, and any of us can see draft posts in the dashboard). I'll comment more about the tourney on that other post.

Bob Loblaw said...

Oh, and, Hand 5: Kris had a lock on the low. Both Marshall and I were vying for the high. There was no way for either of us to get the low from Kris.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yep. I started my post last night after I got back then finished it later. After I posted I saw that you snuck in a couple posts after I had started mine.

I also have noticed that drafts are visible by everyone. I am going to have to start drafting in an external text editor now so that no one can see the magical editing process I go through to craft my blog entries!

Bob Loblaw said...

I tend to write my posts in email form and email them to Blogger (you can set that up through your settings in Blogger dashboard). You can have it put the post directly up on the site, or have it add it to drafts until you log in and post it manually, too.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Ahhh, that's right. I recall coming back to the table for the declaration portion of that hand and jokingly telling her that it is "1 for high" when she clearly could not beat Marshall's two pair showing and anything that you were representing.

Yep, tough spot but it also is "only" a few more chips to see a declaration showdown.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yeah, I used email for blogging exclusively when on tour but use the UI for some reason when I'm local. You use email for posting only though right? There's no way to email comments is there?

Marshall said...

That picture is hilarious ahah