Friday, November 23, 2007

Two Omaha Problems

Omaha Hi 6 handed creates all kinds of interesting scenarios. Here are a couple I was recently faced with. Would love to hear how you would have reacted, then I will let you know what I did and the result was.

6 Handed UTG, I have KK,9,5, I think one suited and I open for pot. The blind repops me for pot and I call. This is almost certainly an AAxx situation so I know I need to flop perfect. The flop is J,9,5 rainbow and he opens for pot. We have just both bought in for 100 BB. What do you do?

6 Handed UTG, I have AAxx, and I open for pot. The button calls everyone else folds. The flop is A,x,x with 2 diamonds. I bet half the pot and I am called. The next card is a diamond putting 3 diamonds on the board. I check and villain bets pot. The villain has just 10 BB behind and I have him covered. What do you do?

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Sushi Cowboy said...

Scenario 1:
First of all I wouldn't open for pot. Second of all, if you are sure that the person who has repotted you has AA then you are more than a 2:1 dog so why pour money in? Because of implied odds? Do you really think that someone is going to go broke with just a pair of Aces in Omaha hi? But if you are sure that they have only Aces then you are ahead and should play it however you like to play it when you are ahead in the hand in Omaha.

Jason, I would start using the Hand History option in FTP. It would be much easier to assess hands if you included the exact cards and stacks so we can accurately assess your situation. I am too lazy to figure out whether or not you are getting pot odds to call when your opponent has 10BB behind.