Monday, December 10, 2007

Timing is everything?

Sounds like Marsh, Ryan, and Jason all had rough weekends. Coincidence? Are the weekend tables that much rougher or is it that the play is looser and you get bigger pots and uglier suckouts? I noted earlier that the play seemed pretty passive during my two day sessions. Does anyone have any numbers backing up player demographics vs. time of day/day of week?


jason said...


I can't understand why but I have never had much luck playing on Saturday. Perhaps the enthusiasts like the WNP crowd play then with all of the good players coming out at once.

Weeknights, particularly between 9 and 11 tend to be the most lucrative with the worst players. Sunday mornings tend to attract the most passive players. I don't play much during the day on weekdays so I have little info.

jsola said...

I was actually just going to post the exact opposite of what you said, Jason :)

I find the weekends to be mighty juicy, and weeknights to be the scary time when all the fish have gone to bed. Think about it, who's gonna be up playing poker at 1 AM (east coast time)? That's right, degenerates like you and I.

I do agree with Sunday being one of the best times to play.

This all probably varies from site to site as well.

Marshall said...

Ya I guess weekends are probably the best, but I have found the tables to be generally nitty at .10-.20 either way.

On Saturday night it was terrible because the Cake servers were slowed to a crawl, they need to work on that.