Monday, December 10, 2007

Poorly played I think

Just had a short session and only got involved in two hands, both of which I think I played poorly. Looking for advice.

Pick up KJos in the SB. Marginal holding out of position. Call the other .02. Made the nuts in a walk and screwed up the river. I'm positive the check/raise was a good idea but was the raise too much? I know I didn't get callers here but is that a better EV+ move on average at these stakes? If someone was slow playing their two pair or something then I could get paid. What is the right move there? I don't think I can just flat call the re-raise so I will have to sacrifice the original stabber. No notes on the re-raiser either. I don't like my play but don't know if it might still be correct for these tables.

Pick up QQ on the button. 4 of the 5 people in front of me have limped and I have SB and BB yet to act behind me. I try to figure out how much to bet to surgically extract out one caller without causing a domino effect of calls. In the end I get lazy and just overbet the pot. Not sure if I'm just being ROTty because I didn't get someone calling me down with JT flopping top pair.

Day tables seem tighter/more nitty? Anyone else have generalizations of play at different times of the day?

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Marshall said...

I don't think the first hand was played poorly. You did fine. I like the C/R opportunity, and I like the amount.

On the QQ hand, maybe make it .40-.50 next time. Otherwise it's fine. Trust me, nobody there was laying down AQ or anything, they just didn't have a hand to call you with, it's that simple.